Travel and rest in China is a fine opportunity to visit the huge and majestic country, to see its primitive and firm throughout many a century tenor of life. In this country surprises practically everything – a life rhythm, unique sights, monuments history, the majestic nature of China.

Travel to China is an opportunity to take part in hunting in Big Hingan’s province, to visit the well-known canyon of Sanxia and to admire beauty of the reserve of Jiuzhaigou.

Domestic-owned travel agencies only discover today China as the tourist direction. The sea resorts of Celestial Empire correspond to the best European samples, and recreational rest in the central part of the country will allow you to combine fascinating excursions and the highest level of service of the Chinese improving centers.

Travel and rest in China

As an adrenaline junkie, my tolerance level these days is high. Luckily Fiji delivered the goods. They have a Shark Reef Marine Reserve located off the coast of the island of Beqa, where you can go swimming with up to 8 species of shark.

Every minute of your rest in this country will be followed by aroma of various grades of tea. Tea became a peculiar symbol of China. You will be able to visit the well-known tea plantations, to see as tea is made and to participate in surprising tea ceremonies. One of the favourite cities at the Russian tourists is Hong Kong. This city represents surprising mix of east traditions and the European culture.

Rest cost in this country will please even not too rich Russians. Impressions about this rest will remain with you for long years.

Rest in China

China always attracted unique culture. However, except unique culture China is rich with various architectural monuments. Therefore each tourist will find in this country that will be closest to him.

Most of tourists annually accepts Beijing. Certainly, this city not in China not the most ancient, but very interesting city. Exactly here the biggest palace which remained up to now is located. Practically all rooms of the palace are open for survey today. In some museum expositions which illustrate life of governors, their hobbies are arranged. Also on a review the collection of treasures of governors, their toys and various decorative elements is exposed. Also the exhibition of funeral statues and work of painting, a calligraphy, and also a carving works in the yard of the palace. Also one of squares of the city – Tiananmen is not less interesting. For today this area one of the world’s largest. There is a legend that on this square to the person the tranquility of the world opens.

Also the city of Guangzhou where the main and largest zoo of the country, numerous temples is located is not less interesting to tourists. At the same time, in Guangzhou there are churches practically of all religions which representatives live in China. A set of medieval constructions which are located in the city or nearby attract many fans of archeology.