Prague is a fairytale location. Residents of the whole world dream of visiting here, because every house in this city is a miracle of architecture, and the general atmosphere is mysterious and mysterious. There are many interesting places to visit in Prague.

The most notable attraction of Prague is the Charles Bridge, it is a favorite place of tourists. It is named after King Charles IX, who began its construction. Along it there are figures of saints of extraordinary beauty. On this bridge, you can make wishes, and they will certainly come true. Here you can meet many street artists and musicians. A particularly spectacular view from the bridge of Prague at night, illuminated by hundreds of lights.

Pay attention to the Tyn Temple. It is visible from everywhere and it is impossible not to notice it. The temple rises above other buildings and dazzlingly glitters gold in the sun. This is a beautiful building in the Gothic style.

Of course, traveling around Prague, it is impossible not to visit the Old Town Square. Here you can see the famous astronomical chimes. Every hour there is an amazing performance – the figures of the apostles move with the striking of the clock. The square is surrounded on all sides by magnificent houses and monuments.

Be sure to visit the old part of the city – the Jewish Quarter. In this place you will take a fascinating walk into the past. It will be interesting to visit the Old Jewish Cemetery and see the Jewish churches – synagogues.

Prague Castle is located on the left bank of the Vltava River – the residence of the Czech kings. An unforgettable spectacle takes place here – a solemn changing of the guard, there are a lot of interesting things in the district – St. Vitus Cathedral, the Royal Palace with a beautiful garden in which flowers, shrubs and trees grow amazing in beauty.

The castle staircase is an ancient staircase that allows you to walk from a Small country to Prague Castle. This ancient staircase has two hundred steps, it offers a wonderful view of the surrounding area.

Admire also the Loreto Monastery with its amazing frescoes that delight tourists all over the world.

Visegrad is a historical district of Prague, it has a large number of delightful temples, cathedrals and gentle organ music. It has a special, calm and pleasant atmosphere,

Prague has its own Eiffel Tower, it is called the Petreshinskaya Tower. Having climbed it on foot or by elevator, guests of the city will be amazed by the extraordinary view of Prague, which will spread out before their eyes in all its glory.