Picturesque, soothing sea views, fantastic weather, atmospheric restaurants and cafes on the waterfront – this can become your reality if you decide to invest in a house by the sea in Spain. Of course, the beautiful views and excellent atmosphere of coastal cities are not the only benefit from buying such a property from the point of view of investors.

Buying a house in such a place can be a very good solution if you are looking for a cozy place to live in retirement or want to buy your own holiday home where you will spend a carefree vacation with your family. However, most importantly, a house by the sea is the best investment if you plan to rent it out for a tourist rental. Real estate in such a place usually has the highest tourist figure in the summer season, so you can get a good additional income. In addition, there is a possibility that in a few years the value of the house will increase over time – this is very valuable information if you are thinking about reselling the property later.

Guest house on the seashore

A guest house on the seashore is a rural house, a chalet, a villa (close to a hotel), but the uniqueness of a holiday for tourists is accommodation as close to home as possible, i.e. a comfortable, homely holiday. Distinctive characteristics from hotels and hotels are in the parameters of the conditions and services offered.

As a rule, a guest house on the sea is a private property that the owner rents out completely or floor–by-floor, and sometimes a room, while the tourist acts at his discretion and desire, of course, taking into account the income part. The status of a guest house does not require any acts coordinated with the regulatory authorities of the hotel business, which means that tax payments of guest houses are made at lower rates in accordance with hotels.

A guest house on the seashore, a pleasant company or a circle of relatives, the gentle sun and the quiet sound of the surf create an atmosphere of bliss, bliss, which fills life with the realization that you are a happy person. And the friendly location of neighboring guest houses on the seashore creates an extremely comfortable atmosphere for vacationers, respectable conditions and heavenly enjoyment of the uniqueness of the Mediterranean.

In Spain, guest houses on the seashore are luxury villas with an area of at least 400 square meters, two- or three-storey, with large open terraces, with huge panoramic windows, with wall art for living room, and picturesque landscape pretentiousness, allowing you to admire excellent sea views, listen to the music of the water element and contemplate the boundless expanses under the cries of seagulls. And for sophisticated connoisseurs and masters of the brush – marinists – this is a real storehouse of wonderful landscapes.

As a rule, guest houses are stylized with luxury, sophistication and splendor, which option of the interior era to choose is up to you.