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Phuket Island is a province of Thailand

Phuket has stunning golden sand beaches and a wonderful coastline dotted with huts, cafes and clubs. Holiday in Phuket will appeal to lovers of...

Traveling in the Sahara

There are three deserts of the Sahara, Kalahari and Namib on the African continent. Of these, the main one is the Sahara, which stretches...

The most beautiful places in Croatia

Clean beaches, untouched nature of Croatia, various festivals and carnivals, sailing regattas, excellent service and developed infrastructure - all this cocktail of unforgettable impressions...
St. Paul's Cathedral in London

St. Paul’s Cathedral in London

If there are few finances for visiting museums, exhibitions and other popular London attractions, it is worth paying attention to budget, but no less...
Changbaishan Mountain

The sacred mountain of China. Changbaishan

Jilin is a Chinese city in the northern province of China. He is little known to Russian tourists and travelers, but he is known...

National holidays in Austria

Austrians are reserved in the expression of feelings, but they love holidays. Probably, a piece of Slavic blood affects. After all, three cultures have...

The Charm of the Kingdom of Spain

Flamenco rhythms, Velasquez painting, bullfighting, clear sea and wide beaches - the charm of the Spanish country attracts people from all over the world...
Beaches of Istria in Croatia

Beaches of Istria in Croatia

A beach holiday in Croatia is primarily a vacation on the beach. There is an amazing ecology, the cleanest sea and not such a...

Goa is a magical oasis of comfort, prosperity and happiness

Legend has it that it was the Creator in ancient times who sent his arrow to the very side of the sea and gave...

Interesting places in Tenerife

Holidays on the island of Tenerife are calm and peaceful, but this does not mean that there is nothing to do here except to...

Kotor is the most famous resort in Montenegro

The rich history of this city is filled with interesting events and great shocks. The first Illyrian tribes appeared in this place in the third...

Holland is an island of tranquility and permissiveness

Nowhere has religion been so openly challenged as in the Netherlands. In Holland, as they replaced Jesus with a guilder in the XVII century,...
Melk - the Great Abbey on the Danube

Melk – the Great Abbey on the Danube

Erected on the banks of the Danube, the Austrian Melk Abbey pleases the eye with its impressive yellow, white and orange buildings. If you...

The 5 most famous volcanoes of our planet

Each of the volcanoes has its own peculiarity, its own danger, and this is their charm. Having seen a volcano once, you will never...
Phuket Island

What to visit in Thailand

Thailand is one of the largest Asian tourist centers, a country rich in ancient culture and traditions. There are many hotels, beaches and hotels...