Thailand is one of the largest Asian tourist centers, a country rich in ancient culture and traditions. There are many hotels, beaches and hotels available to tourists here. The friendliness and hospitality of the locals is so famous that Thailand is called the “land of smiles”. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, will welcome you with its hotels and many tourist routes, each of which will take you from temple to temple, and in the evening numerous nightclubs and karaoke bars will open their doors. Bangkok is also famous for shopping, and also provides many opportunities to get acquainted with local cuisine – from chic restaurants to street vendors of local fast food.

Pattaya Island seems to be created for an active and noisy holiday. The island is full of restaurants, clubs, bowling alleys, travesty shows, shooting galleries and, of course, beaches. All this will make your holiday in Thailand as bright as a festive fireworks display.

Phuket Island, on the contrary, is designed for lovers of a relaxing sea holiday. There are many magnificent hotels here, the scenery is fascinating, and tourists also have the opportunity to get an international diver certificate.

The beaches of Koh Samui are also invited for a leisurely and quiet holiday. This island is famous for its clean beaches and turquoise sea.

What to visit in Thailand

Resorts in Thailand can be compared to a trip to paradise. In this country we will be able to see the virgin nature, the emerald and always warm sea, beautiful nature and numerous attractions. Thailand is very popular with domestic tourists. A great vacation is combined with the affordable cost of local resorts, which explains its huge popularity.

Pattaya resort is located two hours away from the capital of the state, the metropolis of Bangkok. A holiday in Pattaya allows you to combine a relaxing beach holiday with a great opportunity to explore numerous local attractions and engage in active recreation. Millions of tourists come to this resort every year.

Phuket is an island resort located in the Andaman Sea in western Thailand. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge, which greatly simplifies trips on various excursions. One of the pearls of Phuket is the Phi Phi Islands, which are famous for their fascinating landscapes. Holidays in Phuket are very popular with vacationers with children.

Koh Samui is the largest Thai island. Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand, an hour’s flight from Bangkok. This resort is famous for its magnificent beaches and luxury hotels. The local Maenam Beach enjoys a reputation as one of the best and most respectable holiday destinations in all of Southeast Asia. Koh Samui is very popular with young people who come here for a noisy and fun vacation.