Hawaii is a blissful dream, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Everyone who wants to be in paradise should definitely visit this fabulous place. Here you will find snow-white beaches, picturesque mountain archipelagos, a rich underwater world, exotic plants, volcanoes and many more amazing things, and all this can be seen with the help of the Веселый турист agency.

Hawaii was formed due to a volcanic eruption. They consist of 23 islands. The largest is the “big island”, with the same name Hawaii. Popularly, this US state is simply called Aloha. The territory of the archipelago has stretched its expanses by almost 30 thousand km.

The climate in Hawaii is humid tropical, the temperature in summer ranges from +25 to +29. It never rises above the 30 degree mark. But there is also no need to be afraid that the cold will come. Minimum mode +15. Although in mountainous areas it happens lower. Sometimes, it even snows.

Animal and plant environment

The mountainous terrain in the archipelago is beautiful and filled with various vegetation. There are many different trees growing here, the main ones being palm trees. Blooming valleys are filled with flowers and unusual shrubs.

The mountain ranges are inhabited by horses, wild boars, sheep, goats and even dogs. Hundreds of birds, bright and fascinating colors are flying in the sky.

As for the underwater world, there are about 40 species of sharks in the waters of Hawaii. Mostly in autumn you can see humpback whales swimming here for mating. Sperm whales, dolphins, killer whales, a variety of shoals of fish – will please the eye, even the most fastidious tourist.

I would like to note that to the delight of all vacationers, only lizards are found from reptiles. No snakes and other dangerous reptiles, you should not be afraid.

Resorts of the Hawaiian Archipelago

As mentioned above, Hawaii is an unforgettable, famous resort. Masses of people from all over the world come here all year round. They usually spend their holidays on the most popular islands, such as Hawaii, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai and Kauai.

In these places, everyone will find hobbies to their liking. All the islands have wonderful beaches, fully equipped. There is a huge entertainment complex: diving, kayaking and windsurfing, botanical gardens, museums, a myriad of restaurants and shops. For lovers of active recreation, various hiking, horseback riding and cycling tours are offered.

Island attractions

  • Haleakala National Park. It is located at a bird’s-eye height, on the top of a volcano (more than 3 thousand meters). Whale watching is widespread here in winter. A feature of the park, of course, are excursions to volcanoes. There are 5 of them in total, 3 of which are still active.
  • “Big Island”, he’s just Hawaii. The most famous place of the resorts of the archipelago. It is well-known mainly for its outlandish and rare beaches. In addition to beaches with ordinary white, there are beaches with black and sometimes green sand. Which looks pretty mesmerizing. Giant sea turtles swim calmly near the shore.
  • Kauai – safari Park. Here you can see seals, hundreds of feral chickens, mongooses and wild predators.
  • The coast was “Attacked”. This corner on the island is famous for its famous panoramic views of bottomless waterfalls, mighty mountain peaks stretching into the sky and the emerald-transparent ocean with endless fantastic waves.

You can describe the beauties that are worth seeing on the islands of Hawaii for a long time. After all, such a storehouse of gorgeous nature as in this resort is rare. Therefore, it is better to see once than to talk about all the advantages of this archipelago. Embark on a journey and you will not regret it.

Hawaiian Islands