Sharp teeth and blood-chilling screams, which can be heard for several kilometers, draw in the imagination of the devil attacking a defenseless victim. Even more frightening is the sight of the devil eating his victim, from whose body he suddenly appears — he begins to eat large carcasses from the inside. Nevertheless, the Tasmanian devil is rather a timid creature, not a creature of hell.

For the Tasmanian devil, life is an endless struggle from birth. The female gives birth to about 50 cubs at the same time, each of which is no larger than a grain of rice. They get out of the 8-centimeter birth canal into the mother’s bag, where they are desperately fighting for four nipples. Only four cubs survive — it seems that evolution favors the strong and cruel.

You will have the highest chances to see these amazing animals after sunset. Young devils, still too inexperienced to hide from any danger, can be observed in January and February, especially in the area of Kreidl Mountain.

YOUR ADVENTURE: A chance to see the Tasmanian Devil cubs take their first steps

WHERE: Mount Kreidl – Lake St. Clair

DATES: January – February