How good these flamingos are! Not for nothing, But every year 40,000 people go to the distant Laguna Colorado Lake to admire them. Here, at an altitude of almost 4,300 m above sea level, the sun is scorching and the air is thin, but who will stop it? The red feathers of the James flamingo are so in harmony with the red hue of the lake water, on which they gather for nesting in November.

Due to the fact that nesting birds are easy to disturb, and the ecosystem here is fragile, it is recommended to travel with a guide, whom you can hire in Uyuni or San Juan. All visitors to the Avaroa Nature Reserve need to register at the tourist office in Uyuni.

YOUR ADVENTURE: You will be surprised to see so many flamingos of a species that was considered extinct

WHERE: Laguna Colorado Lake, 600 km from La Paz

DATES: November – January