Florence is rightfully considered the center of aesthetic pleasure in Italy. A city in which architecture, painting, sculpture are brought to perfection, and it does not matter at all whether you are in the gallery or just walking through the streets and squares.

Once in the heart of Tuscany, you should definitely visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, climb its dome or bell tower and enjoy one of the most spectacular views of Florence. If you choose between the bell tower and the dome, then it will still be more rational to climb the bell tower, because from it you can more thoroughly examine the dome itself. Near the cathedral there is a Baptistery dedicated to John the Baptist.

The Baptismal Chapel is the oldest building of the Duomo Square. A picture of the Last Judgment is recreated on the mosaic of the dome. The authorship of the eastern gate depicting biblical stories belongs to Lorenzo Ghiberti, and Michelangelo, appreciating their artistic superiority, called them the Gates of Paradise. Now the Gates of Paradise are well–made copies, the original is kept in the Duomo Museum.

After the Baptistery, you can choose two options for further acquaintance with Florence: an art gallery or an Academy of Arts. It is not necessary to combine these two places in one walk, because two galleries in one day is too tedious. The Academy Gallery is usually visited to see Michelangelo’s David with their own eyes, while the Uffizi Gallery is famous for masterpieces of Renaissance art.

You can continue the tour of the city along the street where the shops of famous brands are located – Via Tornabuoni. Walking along Via Tornabuoni, it’s hard not to notice the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge, where the shopping malls with jewelry are now located. After passing the bridge, you will find yourself at the walls of the majestic Palazzo Pitti – the main residence of the Medici Dukes. The palace is also known for its park ensemble – Boboli Gardens, which are the embodiment of the best park ideas of the Renaissance. You can also visit the Rose Garden in Florence.

Entrance to the garden is free, and the fragrance emanating from the flowers is more intoxicating than the works of art of the Italian Renaissance. You should not avoid the Signoria Square, near which the church of Santa Croce is located. The graves of Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Galileo Galilei are located in this basilica decorated with frescoes by Giotto.

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