Travelling is pretty amazing. There are new experiences around every corner. New places to visit, new landscapes, and new activities. Which is precisely why so many travel fanatics dream of escaping the routine of everyday life. They are eager to embrace change. To live life on the edge. With so many places to visit…it can be difficult to narrow it down. Do you want to go to Europe? Tour the United States? Head to a sunny Caribbean island?

How about something totally different. Like Serpong, Indonesia. This area will take your breath away. It has exciting things to see and do. And some beautiful landscapes to boot! Ready to start planning your getaway? Here are 3 ways to make your time in Serpong absolutely unforgettable.

Choose a Beautiful Place To Stay. One of the easiest ways to make your Serpong vacation special? Focus on your accommodations. This is a must! Imagine stepping into a luxurious hotel with stunning décor and an equally stunning backdrop. Picture perfect doesn’t even begin to describe it. From the very beginning, you will feel pampered and excited about your Indonesian trip. After all…that is what you deserve.

So be sure to put some thought into the accommodations you choose. Traveloka now offers travelers the option to book hotels for the next getaway. One great choice is the Ara Hotel Gading Serpong. This is definitely one to consider. Especially if you want to choose the best accommodation in town. With a beautiful place to rest your head at night? To explore during your downtime? Your Serpong vacation will be anything but ordinary.

Go Check Out Some Of The Local Attractions. There is so much going on. You are in beautiful Serpong after all. There is natural beauty to discover and a million new sights to see. So go discover! Go see! If you really want to make your trip unforgettable it is important to make those travel memories. That means exploring the town. Visiting the local attractions. Start by walking around. You never know what restaurant or beautiful sight you will find. Once you are done that? It is time to go see those incredible local attractions.

There are great options like Ocean Park Water Adventure (where you can cool off, jump in the pool, go down water slides, check out a ride or two, order food, and more) and Paradise Dreamland (which is a great place for families. It has a playground and a park). See what you can discover. Those special travel memories will add to the magic of your time in Serpong.

800Search For Interesting Travel Souvenirs. There is nothing wrong with a little shopping. Particularly during a fabulous vacation. You want to find travel mementos, shop for unique items you cannot find at home, or bring home travel souvenirs for your friends and family. So be sure to check out the shops in Serpong. There are local stores as well as a mall. The Mall @ Alam Sutera is not far away. Here you can browse the wide selection of stores, grab a bite to eat, and have some fun. Or you can check out the Summarecon Mal Serpong. Every moment of your vacation will feel unforgettable.