Amsterdam is a fantastic place to try water sports!
Amsterdam is a city with intimately associated with the water. Its canal system is world famous, featuring more than 100 kilometres (60 miles) of waterways, more than 60 individual canals, over 1200 bridges and almost 90 islands.

The city is surrounded by beautiful water lands, teeming with wildlife and crisscrossed with tranquil canal lines that are hundreds of years old.

While Amsterdam is more famous for its wild nightlife, world class museums and galleries and inimitable coffee shops, its natural attractions are well worth a look as well. There are a huge number of nature based activities available to visitors and locals, such as Amsterdam Canoeing Day Tour and Amsterdam Canoeing Sunset Tour services, nature walks and tours of the wetlands area.

Situated in the southern end of the city Amsterdamse Bos is one of the best places to discover the natural side of Amsterdam!
Amsterdamse bos, or the Amsterdam Forest, is one of the best place to discover Amsterdma’s natural beauty. The park itself is largely located inside Amstelveen, but it is owned by The City of Amsterdam.

The park has a somewhat grim history regarding its founding – it was built in the arly thirties, mainly by the forced labour of the unemployed.

Today Amsterdamse bos receives 4.5 million visitors annually, and is an impressive size – at 1000 hectares (2500 acres) it is approximately 3 times the size of New York’s iconic Central Park.

The park has provided a venue for a number of important and exciting gatherings, from political rallies to free concerts, often taking place on the so-called “Vietnam meadow.” This historic location, despite vigorous protest, was turned into tennis courts in 1994.

The Zonneweide section of Amsterdamse bos is reserved for naturist recreation.
The Zonneweide area of Amsterdamse bos is dedicated to naturist recreation. Five particularly good areas to visit are the Schinkelbos (with grazing highlander cows), the Southern Oeverlanden (habitat of the marsh harrier), the Oeverlanden Amstelveense Poel a favourite with bird watchers and students of fauna for the presence of buzzards, hawks, sparrow hawks, wild orchids and rare plants.

The Vogeleiland (Bird Island) is another wonderful place to see the wildlife of Amsterdamse bos, as well as the Meerzicht Polder.

One of the best ways to experience Amsterdamse bos is from the water!
Amsterdamse bos is laced with waterways that provide an amazing way to discover the park. Amsterdam Canoeing Day Tour and Amsterdam Canoeing Sunset tour services are available from rental locations near the northern end of the park, and these reasonably priced and reliable canoes are one of the best ways to spend a day out in the park.

Jump into a canoe and head out into the water of the lakes and canals of Amsterdamse bos to discover areas that have been untouched for years. It’s also a great area for kids, including a special miniport where small electric boats can be rented.

Amsterdamse bos is even dog friendly and includes a number of excellent bars and restaurants where visitors can stop for refreshments.