Have you seen palaces that were to become prisons? Spanish Alcazar in Segovia is one of such mysterious buildings. It’s been a favorite of the royal family due to its location – built in the rock it is completely unapproachable and it is mysterious because of the beauty of its cold walls.

The Spanish castle story

1120 – First reference to the castle. However, digging found out there was an ancient fortress before. It means the story had started much earlier.

In 1474 the castle played a role during the coronation Isabel I Catholic. The walls of the fortress hid the queen from her enemies and helped her start official ruling.

In 1762 Carl III issued a royal decree where it was said about building the Artillery school on the territory of the castle. 120 years later the upper floors become the archive and 100 years after the might fortress becomes the museum.

Thousands of tourists go to the castle for the memories, for an opportunity to touch the old traditions, furniture, rituals. There 11 halls opened + the tower of Juan the Second.

What mysteries does the castle keep?

Interesting facts about Alcazar

  1. The throne room. Designed in the Mauritanian style, it is decorated with a throne where the ancient motto of Spanish kings is written “tanto mota”. The faces of portraits of the rulers are looking at the tourist with pride, light grief and love.
  2. The Cord room. This you won’t see in any other castle. The origins of this room are quiet interesting: Alfonso the Wise was “nuts” and his pride coasted much – he spiled relations with all of his relatives. Lying in the deathbed the king asked to design the room with the cord of Franciscans as a sign of penitence.
  3. The Armory. One of the greatest collections. Have a walk over solemn rooms and touch the air of grace and you will feel special.
  4. One day Philip II gave an oath he loved gently Anna the Austrian.
  5. The Knobs Room. Another icy of this palace. Its name was given due to 392 figures of knobs on the ceiling. In 16th century there appeared the original freeze with elements of muduhar and gothic.

Alcazar y a Segovia is a palace where the Spanish type of mood takes shape – where you wanna be successful, chic and luxury. Come there once and you will get the charge of energy, inspiration and joy for a year. These walls do have something enchanting, inspiring and pushing to act.