Cascata delle Marmore is the place that attracts amazes and wonders. The height of it is 165 m.

Location of Cascata delle marmore

Cascata delle marmore

The highest handmade waterfall in the world, it consists of 3 cascades and it’s placed on the Velino River. At the time of Romans Velino was lowland covered with mud swamps. The locals used to tell terrifying stories: it was believed witches and monsters lived in the bushes or leaves of the plants and that the one that got there was doomed for suffering and diseases.

In 271 B.C. Maius Kurius Dentatus ordered to build a channel to protect his city from floods. The channels had worked for centuries. But by 1400 they came into disrepair: floods terrorized the city much more often than they had before, then acts of god and so on. In 1422 Gregorius XII made a plan: build a new channel. In 1500s there appeared another one, then – another, etc.

In 1787 an architect Andrea Vici rebuilt the lower part of waterfall and made a unique object which people delight still.

TOP 5 interesting facts about Cascata delle marmore

Cascata delle marmore
  1. The peculiar path will lead you to the top of the waterfall. There is area for spectators. From this height you will see a unique view: nature, greenery of the plateau.
  2. Water is a source of a small hydro station built here in 1929. It was made to provide the local see sights with electricity.
  3. The beauty of handmade waterfall praised Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, Guy Plinius Secundus,Vergilius and others.
  4. From 1660s to 1840s the locality had a ritual: every aristocrat passing the town had got to visit the waterfall. This tradition eve got the name – The Big Tour.
  5. “It is stunningly beautiful…” confessed a well-know poet Byron who was also there while he had his Big Tour.

Cascata delle marmore turned to be one of the major Italian centers of tourism. The marble waterfall offers not just a wonderful scene, but rafting, delicious meals of the Italian cuisine, holiday in the best tradition the way Italians do. Enjoy merching with the nature as you get here!

Cascata delle marmore