Storebæltsforbindelsen – is a bridge situated in Dania and it is known as one of longest ones if the world. The building of such a huge construction has been going for 10 years, and the appearance of the Big Belt has let the shipping amount increase in hundreds, decrease the time and cost of making them.

Attention! Every day there are more than 27 600 of cars passing through it. And the ferry could have let the throughput with only 8000 of cars – 3 times less!

Features of the bridge


It is a transport system 18 km length, a mix of railways and automobile tracks. For cars’ movement there we invented 4 lines; there’s railway traffic – electrified and double-tracked.

The Big Belt, it is no just beauty. It is an incredible

Having the bridge did let organize the direct way from the capital of Dania to Odense during 1 hour and 15 min (it used to take hours of an exhausting trip). The easier and more convenient is the communication between Copenhagen and other cities. In addition, this bridge has let:

  • Decrease the amount of constant flights between the Danish capital and the major trade and industrial centers;
  • Organize the direct contact between Scandinavian countries and Europe;
  • Simplify the process of moving the population from Europe to Scandinavia (and on the opposite);

Attention! The bridge is the only road in Dania which you pay for. Every year the authority considers reports and appoints a new coast. In 2013 the tax has become 33 euro.

Ecology, nature and the bridge building

“The Green” and representatives of ecologic companies have rebuked very often the designers for destroying the nature objects. The bridge building has caused much more damage in the eco way than people expected it would. However, as the works were over the balance recovered.

But the thing is not about it. The locals, logistic companies and many others chose trains and cars – the kinds of transport which are believed to be more ecologically safe than ferry. As a result, it has let save from 2,5 to 3 petajoule per year and decrease the percentage of carbon dioxide by 2%.

Big Belt is not just a bridge. There you see the beauty and the history of the Danish, the painstaking work and the tendency to get the plan. I recommend you visit this place so that you could feel all the greatness and the beauty of its.