Summer will come soon, soon many families will go on vacation to warm countries. Among the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space, countries such as Egypt, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Thailand, and, of course, Turkey are very popular. Today we will talk about what is remarkable about a vacation in Turkey, why it is worth giving the “golden” days of your long-awaited vacation to Turkish resorts.

Holidays in Turkey are always bright and pleasant. There are many attractions here that are definitely worth seeing. There are also many well-maintained beaches, sunbathing on the territory of which is a pleasure. If you want to gain strength during the rest for the next year, if you want to get pleasant emotions and impressions – it is the resorts of Turkey that will be able to give you all this.

Turkey is a kind of bridge between east and West. Here you can meet a lot of Russian-speaking tourists during the tourist season. Turkey is also a bridge between the past and the present. In local cities there are many old streets with medieval buildings, each brick of which is imbued with the spirit of antiquity. If you want to find out what the ancient East looked like, take a walk through the narrow streets of the old part of any Turkish city.

Or maybe you are a fan of stormy parties and dancing until dawn? In this case, numerous dance floors and nightclubs will be at your service. The courage of local parties will be remembered for a long time!