Karlovy Vary is a famous Czech resort, which is famous for its healing springs. The unique nature, historical surroundings and unique architecture of buildings create a magical atmosphere that literally attracts vacationers with a magnet.

The first healing spring was discovered in the area in the 14th century. The Czech Emperor Charles IV decided to establish a resort here, which many centuries later received worldwide recognition.

In total, 132 healing springs with hot water filled with useful salts are beaten from the ground in the area of Karlovy Vary, but only 12 are used for medicinal purposes. But, this is enough to make the treatment in Karlovy Vary as effective as possible.

Vacationers in Karlovy Vary can visit the local racetrack, try their luck at the casino, or go bowling. Those who want to taste the local Czech cuisine can visit numerous restaurants, many of which have been operating for more than five centuries.

Excursions to the towns of Kutna Hora and Czech Krumlov, located near Karlovy Vary, are popular. In these two cities, the smelting of Bohemian glass is developed, and you can buy glass products in local shops at attractive prices.