“Étretat” is a tiny village which name means “bowery of the setting sun”. However, the linguists still argue about the origins of the name. It doesn’t matter though. Having walked a long way throughout the time and history, Étretat has turned to be a touristic capital in Upper Normandy. Summer hundreds of guests from Germany, Belgium, Spain, Russia and other countries walk in the streets of the village. Since September everything looks frozen. The town goes to the preparations for a new touristic season.

Even in 18th century a simple fishmen village has gained status of a seaside town and there came to treat physical and mental traumas thousands of barons, counts and other aristocracy.   Now there live 1,5 thousand of people and the area belongs to this town is 4 km2.

“Étretat”: cozy France with a great soul

Big streets and tiny lanes invite you to join and have a walk. The latter you can do forever admiring the next things:

  • Emerald greenery of fields for the game of true aristocrats – golf;
  • Panoramic view at English ChannelПанорамный;
  • Typical houses veiled under robe of ivy;
  • Lineal palaces standing right in the street and inviting you to be a guest there.

Where could you go in the town?

Every meter of Étretat is filled with wonders and architecture miracles.

Les Aygues Castle: supremacy of awesome moments

The owners of this mansion keep the secrets of its founders. The history of build started in 1866 according to the project of a smart architect from Havre.

After the death of a customer – the count, his window, Angelica, was engaged with a Polish prince Lubomirski. Thus a quirky delegate from Poland became a rightful owner of the castle on the rich territory. Here he hosted capricious Spanish queens, talented artists and writers (Alexander Dumas, for ex). на богатой земле. Attention! Book a reservation – and you can stay a night in a Luxury Room, the one where Maria-Kristina used to stay.   

“Salamander Homestead”: welcome to the snakes?

Salamander Homestead has been designed in 1912 on the initiative of Ulrich Anri de la Blanche. The building was inspired by the house of a candle tradesman, 14th century seen in Lisieux.

I recommend you visit it so that you’d be able to walk over all the backstreets, take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the charm of the surrounding beauty.

“Étretat”: cozy France with a great soul