A list of countries where living costs obscenely little. Find out the countries where you can live cheap and enjoy life.

There are a considerable number of places in the world where the cost of living will be lower than in Russia. Sometimes much lower. Cheap countries to live in are primarily the region of Southeast Asia, but you can also live in Europe not very expensive.

If you have been thinking for a long time about where you can live cheaply abroad, then here you will find the answers. We present you a list of cheap countries to live in, a month of living in which may cost less than a week’s spending on living in your country.


A mecca for travelers and downshifters. More and more people are leaving to live in Thailand, deciding to exchange the gray days and cold weather for a busy life in sunny Asia. This practice is especially common for residents of large cities: people rent out their apartments / rooms, and the money they get from this is more than enough for them to live carefree in Thailand right on the seashore. Another category of people are freelancers. Working remotely via the Internet, these people do not earn the most money by Russian standards, but such earnings are quite enough to live here.

So, the cost of living in Thailand (as in any other place) consists of two main parts: the cost of housing and the cost of food.

The cost of housing in Thailand

Renting a house in Thailand or a condo (one or two bedrooms, a kitchen, often even with a swimming pool) will cost from 10 thousand baht per month – from 17 thousand rubles. With this money, it is unlikely that it will be possible to rent a similar level of comfort housing now. And here you have a whole house! For example, in St. Petersburg, we rented a room near the metro station “Technological Institute” for about 20 thousand rubles with utilities.

Renting a room in Thailand for a month, of course, is cheaper — 4000-8000 baht per month, depending on the location, size and interior arrangement. A studio in Pattaya and Phuket can be rented for about 30 thousand rubles a month, a hotel room – from 300-400 baht per day. Both in Phuket and Pattaya, we rented a hotel room for 400 baht per day. As a rule, when renting for a long time, you can negotiate with the owner and rent cheaper.

The decisive factor in pricing for rental housing in Thailand is geographical. In such popular tourist destinations as Pattaya, Hua Hin and Phuket, everything will cost more than in the north of Thailand – for example, in Chiang Mai. In addition, seasonality, amenities and the size of the dwelling affect the price. We recommend renting private housing on a special Airbnb service — there you will find a variety of options.

Food prices in Thailand

The second key component is food. The cost of food in Thailand is surprisingly low. A barbecue will cost from 10 baht, a large plate of rice with meat – from 30 baht, soup with noodles and dumplings – from 40 baht. The cost of food in Thailand will be even less if you cook yourself, buying food in stores and markets.

The cost of housing in India (Goa)

In general, rental prices in India do not differ much from Thai ones. The rental price depends on the time of year (more expensive in winter), on the size and arrangement of the dwelling, on the distance to the beach and, importantly, on the term of the proposed lease. For example, in Goa, even in the season (in winter) you can rent a condo or a house far from the coastline (over 3 km) from 18.5 thousand rupees per month, closer to the sea – from 23.5 to 30 thousand rupees per month. Most often people rent houses (1-2 rooms with a kitchen, but not on the shore) for 20-26 thousand rupees per month. To calculate the cost of renting a house in Goa, you can use a special calculator that will take into account all the most important parameters and give you the average price for this type of housing.

A room in a guesthouse (double with shower and toilet) will cost from 470 to 700 rupees. You can rent a bungalow or a wooden house (there is a shower, toilet, minimal furniture) for 400-1000 rupees per day. It is best to look for private housing in Goa on a special Airbnb service. Another option is to search on the spot, unless you decide to come before the holidays – New Year and Christmas, then it is better to book in advance.

The cost of food in India (Goa)

You can eat cheap in India at shacks – small eateries on the beaches, where you will find both European and Indian food. You can have lunch in shaka for the amount from 60 to 150 rupees. Breakfast will cost about 50-80 rupees, Indian dishes are in the range of 100-200 rupees, soups – from 50 rupees.

Fresh juices cost from 50 to 100 rupees per glass, depending on the type of fruit. A bottle of local beer in the store — about 60 rupees, in a cafe – from 100 rupees, a cup of coffee in a cafe of the average price category – from 50 to 80 rupees. A bottle of water in the store – from 15 rupees, masala tea – up to 50 rupees, depending on the institution.

The cost of housing in Bali

Bali is becoming more and more popular every year, so housing prices are noticeably rising. The cost of housing in Bali depends on the resort, location and amenities, rental period and size. For example, a house with three rooms and a kitchen in Kuta on the Airbnb service can be found from $ 500 per month, but if you try, you can find from $ 400 per month. A room in a guesthouse for a month can cost from $ 70, but be prepared for very spartan conditions. In general, on average, a decent room in Bali can be found in a guesthouse for $ 13-15 per day.

Housing prices in Bali vary significantly from resort to resort — the more hyped it is, the more expensive the cost. Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Sanur – prices will be quite high here. In Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Changu and other cities, it is cheaper, judging by the reviews of travelers, you can find a pretty house not too far from the sea within $ 400.

Tip: the longer you plan to rent a house, the cheaper it will cost you. In Bali, it is customary to pay for rent immediately, so keep this in mind. It is also better to look for a house on their own, they drive around on a bike, as agencies and realtors take a large commission (besides, there is a risk of getting into an unscrupulous realtor). Before contacting agencies, read reviews on the Internet.

The cost of food in Bali

You can eat on a budget in Bali in varungs (small cafes), lunch for two will cost about 40 thousand rupees (about 170 rubles), that is, a dish with meat costs up to 20 thousand rupees, soups about the same. Vegetarian dishes are cheaper — up to 15 thousand rupees. Milkshakes cost up to 13 thousand. Sweet pancakes — up to 20 thousand rupees. On average, a dish in warung costs 20-25 thousand rupees.

Be careful — not all warungs are for locals, there are also tourist warungs designed for foreigners, prices are higher there. The closer varung is to the sea, the higher the prices.

The cost of renting a home in the Philippines

The Philippines is another place where you can live cheap. The capital Manila is too popular with tourists and, therefore, is not suitable for inexpensive accommodation. However, Cebu Province, which is a fairly developed region with all the necessary infrastructure, will be quite suitable for budget living. A house on the islands of Cebu, Panglao and Bantayan can be rented from 13,5-15 thousand pesos (or from $ 300). If you put a lot of effort and search hard, you can meet 10 thousand pesos per month.

A room in a house in Boracay can be rented for 630 pesos per day, a bed in a hostel with facilities on the floor can be found for 300 pesos per day, and in general, the average prices in hostels are in the range of 400-500 pesos. The price for a room for two in a hotel averages 700 pesos per day, you can find it cheaper — the price depends on the location and amenities. We recommend looking for private housing on the popular Airbnb service — there are not only standard rooms and apartments, but also exotic options.

Food prices in the Philippines

Food in the Philippines, as in other Southeast Asian countries, is inexpensive. In cafes and local shops, you can eat your fill for 100-150 pesos per person by buying a portion of rice with meat and a drink, but you can eat cheaper. In tourist cafes, prices are higher — you will have to spend about 200-300 pesos per person. In restaurants, the main dish costs from 100-150 rubles. The most popular beer is San Miguel Pilsen: a 0.33 bottle can be bought for 30-50 pesos, rum costs from 80 pesos. Exotic fruits and vegetables are inexpensive, it is better to buy in the markets.