Budget travel: 12 secrets of saving

There is nothing difficult about making your trip budget-friendly. A little planning and knowledge of a few secrets of saving is all that is needed for this. Flights, hotels, visas, transport, food, communication — on all these points, you can reduce costs if you try a little. We share with you a dozen useful tips on how to travel cheap. Hurry up to find out!

The first (and most important) law: do not be afraid to travel on your own. It’s simple, it’s interesting, it’s cheap. Some people do not even imagine that it is possible to travel abroad without the involvement of agencies and other organizations — they believe that this is the only way to guarantee their safety. And as a result, they either get a boring rest mainly in a supine position, or spend unthinkable amounts on more or less non-standard rest. Traveling on your own is not only possible, but also necessary! Only an independent trip can be considered a real trip, everything else is a tourist vacation. Everyone can organize a great trip for themselves, you just need to show a little independence. Check out our tips for planning independent trips to different countries and cities.

In our opinion, it is especially interesting to travel by car (personal or rented) – complete freedom of movement! If you are interested in this option, read our tips about traveling by car. Traveling by motorcycle is also just amazing!

Going on vacation on a voucher, you limit yourself and hardly get as many impressions and memories as from an independent trip. But we understand that many people are not ready to decide on an independent trip (especially abroad). Anyway, a trip is better than not going anywhere at all! A vacation on a tour package can also be budget-friendly. If you are lucky to find a profitable burning tour, you can fly on vacation for just 5-10 thousand per person. To learn how to find such offers and have a budget vacation, read our tips on finding inexpensive tours.

The ability to find and book flights at the lowest price is the most necessary skill for budget travel. The main rule that should always be remembered is that the earlier the purchase is made, the more chances there are to find an attractive option at a price. Our 15 Jedi tips will help you become a real master of finding the cheapest flights. It makes sense to track current airline promotions on our website and see our special reviews of the cheapest ways to get to a particular country or city.

Also, be sure to read about how cheap it is to travel to Europe — in this article we talked about the schemes of budget access to the Schengen countries through European countries bordering Russia. In addition, we advise you to find out about low-cost airlines that allow you to fly for amounts close to zero (buying tickets for 20/30/40 euros will not be a problem).

It is best to search for flights on Skyscanner — it will find the best deals for you in any direction. This is a good assistant for independent travelers, since he is looking for tickets among hundreds of airlines and does not take a single ruble commission from the buyer. The search engine makes it possible to view the cost of tickets to any country from all cities of any country at once — a very convenient function for budget travelers, allows you to find an option at the best cost.

Why resort to the help of an intermediary and pay him twice or three times the amount for this? You don’t turn to the help of agents if you want to buy something at the supermarket, so you don’t need to here either. After all, we are going to travel economically, and not to improve the welfare of strangers.

Find information on the Internet about the nearest consulate or visa application center of the desired country, collect all the required documents and go to them. Many people believe that it is more reliable to do through an agency, supposedly so the probability of visa refusal is lower. This is a misconception, since the whole mission of these intermediaries is that they will take the documents to the consulate instead of you. Tips on how to properly collect documents to increase your chances of obtaining a visa are easy to find on the Internet. There is also a section on visas for a number of popular destinations on our website.

To make travel cheap, you need to find affordable housing. Try to find an apartment or a house for your trip. It is much more comfortable and often cheaper (especially if you go with a company or family). The service offers a huge selection of unique housing (beautiful apartments, villas and even residential boats and castles!), accommodation in which will make your trip much more pleasant and memorable.

Take only what is really necessary — do not burden yourself with unnecessary baggage. As a result, there are a number of advantages: there is no need to wait a long time for the baggage to be issued, there is no threat of losing it, you will not have to pay for the excess (and low-cost airlines in general always pay for any luggage separately and can cost you up to a hundred euros), and it will be much easier and more pleasant to move around the airport and at the destination if you you don’t have to drag huge suitcases and bags behind you. We even fly to Asia for semi-annual wintering with only one backpack per person.