Vietnam’s coastline stretches for 3,451 km, and three-quarters of the country’s territory is covered with forests. It seems to be an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts.

You need to visit Vietnam at the right time. There are two rainy seasons here. Winter begins in the northeast in October. It forms wet weather and piercing winds in the territory north of Nha Trang and dry and warm weather in the south.

And from April to October, the summer rainy season continues. It brings hot and humid weather to the entire territory of the country, except for the mountainous regions.

So what to do here? The Mekong Delta is a paradise for cyclists with rare bumps on its muddy surface. Coastal Highway 1 will beckon you, although the crazy traffic makes it almost inaccessible to tourists. Instead, we recommend choosing a quieter route 14, where you will also enjoy fascinating landscapes.

Halong Bay is a Vietnamese miracle of nature: 3,000 incredible islands grow out of the emerald water. The bay is often compared to Chinese Guilin and Thai Krabi. Boat trips among the karst rocks are very popular.

The most famous diving spot in Vietnam is Nha Trang (about 25 dive sites).

Beautiful walls, underwater caves, a variety of corals and a lot of reef fish are waiting for you. Surfers will choose Mui Ne beaches with beautiful waves.

YOUR ADVENTURE: October is a balance of heat and cold, humidity and dryness

WHERE: Across the country

DATES: October