Azerbaijan is one of the most beautiful and interesting places for tourism. Here you can visit many attractions, such as ancient cities, castles, mosques, mountain resorts and much more. In addition, Azerbaijan is famous for its cuisine, which includes dishes from various national cuisines, including Azerbaijani, Armenian, Georgian and Turkish. You can buy last minute tours to Azerbaijan on

  Reasons to visit Azerbaijan

  1. Historical sights: There are many ancient cities and castles in Azerbaijan that were built in the Middle Ages. Some of them, such as Baku and Sheki, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  2. Cuisine: Azerbaijani cuisine is famous for its meat dishes such as kebabs and kebabs, as well as sweet desserts such as baklava and halva.
  3. Mountains: Azerbaijan is located on the border with Russia and has many mountain resorts where you can enjoy clean air, beautiful landscapes and active recreation.
  4. Tourism: Azerbaijan is a popular destination for tourism due to its natural beauties such as lakes, waterfalls and national parks.
  5. Cultural events: Many festivals and cultural events are held in Azerbaijan, which allow you to get acquainted with the local culture and traditions.

Cities worth visiting

  1. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and one of the most beautiful cities in the Caucasus. Here you can visit museums, theaters, parks and other attractions.
  2. Sheki is a city known for its old houses and narrow streets. Here you can taste local sweets and visit the museum of the history of the Sheki Khanate.
  3. Gobustan is a national park where there are ancient rock paintings and architectural monuments. Here you can stroll through the park and enjoy the beautiful views.
  4. Aghdam is a city located in the mountains, where you can enjoy the clean mountain air and visit local attractions such as the fortress of Aghdam and the museum of the history of the city.
  5. Khinalyg is a mountain village where you can taste national cuisine and visit the local market. There are also beautiful views of the mountains and lakes.

Holidays in Azerbaijan are suitable for those who love active recreation, beautiful nature and delicious food. Also here you can taste local cuisine and enjoy the beautiful scenery.