The picturesque nature of Greece is diverse and beautiful. Pristine coves, beautiful harbors, clear water and magnificent sandy beaches. And this is only a small part of what Greece attracts its guests with. However, its greatest wealth is the sea. There are five seas in the country. All of them are different from each other, although they are part of the same pool.

One of the most famous is the Mediterranean Sea. There is sand on all coastal areas. Thanks to this, tourists with children like to relax on its beaches. One of the most popular beaches can be called the island of Rhodes. Its eastern part is an indispensable place for a measured and relaxing holiday. There is very rarely a strong wind blows and waves rise. Therefore, there is an opportunity to go diving, sport fishing and yachting.

If you want to spend time on a secluded beach, the Aegean coast will help you. The beaches here are mostly pebbly, but this does not prevent people from enjoying their holidays at all. Windsurfing, diving and other water sports can be enjoyed here. Most of all, the guests of Greece like to rest in Halkidiki. Due to the absence of strong winds, the water in these parts warms up much more. Beautiful mountain ranges and protected areas reflect all the splendor of this place and cheer up.

Spearfishing allows you to fully enjoy the underwater beauties, especially it is interesting in new, exotic places.

The Ionian Sea adjoins a small part of Greece. The islands of Zakynthos and Corfu are located on this territory. The beaches here are quite diverse. The increased concentration of salt in these waters contributes to learning to swim.

The Libyan Sea is the coldest of the Greek seas, but it is very beautiful. It is located on the southern coast of the island of Crete, sharing it with the African continent. Mountain ranges descend directly to the water surface, creating picturesque coves with beaches covered with sand and pebbles. However, the undercurrents cool the waters of the Libyan Sea, and tourists rarely rest here.

The Cretan Sea is the fifth Greek sea with the most unpredictable character. Calm and calm weather can suddenly be replaced by a strong storm. It is located on the southeastern coast of Crete and presents its guests with beautiful sandy beaches. Travelers of all ages will be able to spend their time here perfectly.

The Greek seas are distinguished not only by crystal clear water, but also by amazing beaches, high-class resorts and, of course, a wonderful underwater world. All this is available to anyone who decides to visit Greece and explore the depths of the Great Hellas.