It is convenient to come to this ancient and one of the most popular cities of Sicily by train or bus. And it is better to explore Syracuse on foot, or by bike or scooter, which you can safely rent here.

Where to stay

In Syracuse, you can stay both in wonderful hotels and in cozy inexpensive apartments.

What to take with you

Of course, these are original and original ceramic products, papyrus souvenirs, souvenir puppets.

Where to visit

Undoubtedly, it is worth visiting the archaeological park of Neapolis — one of the favorite places for tourists. Also admire the preserved ruins of the once grandiose temple of Apollo, pay homage to the “grave” of the greatest mathematician, physicist and mechanic — Archimedes, admire the beauty and monumentality of the Cathedral, feel the special atmosphere of the churches, be inspired by the medieval restraint and solidity of the Maniace Castle.

Of course, it is worth admiring the numerous palaces of this ancient city, and the famous fountain of Arethusa or Artemis is located on the island of Ortigia, where, according to legend, the beautiful nymph herself lives.
It is worth taking a look at the most interesting museum of puppets – dedicated to the unusual puppet world.

And among other things, the Syracuse food market deserves your attention, filled with an indescribable southern flavor and passion.
Visit this ancient city, a real Greek polis, which Italy has carefully preserved, enjoy its beauty and originality, keep its original image in your soul!