How about enjoying the beauty of a world untouched by civilization? Inhale the smell of the forest, watch the stormy mountain rivers, languish in the shade of trees, escaping from the summer heat. All this can be felt by taking part in a jeep safari. This tour takes several routes, but the best of them is Belek-Airdir.

The best time for jeep safari is from May to late autumn. Nature is especially beautiful in these months. It is cool and windless in the Toros forests. A one-day jeep tour to Eyridir starts early in the morning in Belek. The first goal of the Beshkonak way is the Kepryulu Canyon.

A gravel road requires attention and caution. Soon after the start of the tour, you can make the first stop in a picturesque place you like. The number and duration of stops should be planned in advance, given that the safari lasts one day.

Having rested, we set off again. Now we get to Chardakkey, and then to the village of Karabuk. On our way we climb up the slope and pass Chaltepe, Yeshil, Chukurdzha.

The next stop can be made in Kesma. This place has a charming and untouched nature. You can have a cup of coffee at the Mountain Cafe.

On our way, we pass the Ibisler sign and visit the village of Kasymlar, where women sell their handmade products on the village square. After purchasing souvenirs, we continue our way to Sipahiler. The road to Sipahiler passes through a wonderful oak grove.

After a long journey, it is recommended to make a stop for lunch in Ayvalypynar. You can go to any cafe, order yayla soup, scrambled eggs and coffee.

On this route there will be two villages following each other. Residents of the Bademli and Choban Isa settlements grow vegetables and fruits with their own hands in the old-fashioned way, without using high technologies. They allow tourists to taste their harvest.

The path is open

After 8 kilometers of Davras, the time on the clock is about 7 pm. When the safari is over, it will be possible to choose several ways of development of events. Those who do not want to finish their safari can stay at the Sirene Davras or Sport Oteli Hotel at one of the universities. If you want to feel the atmosphere of a village house, then you need to make a stop at Mahtarin Com Evleri, which are located in the village of Choban Isa. And of course, if the tourists were satisfied with the jeep safari, they return back to Antalya, swim in the sea and sunbathe on the beach.