Many travelers call Morocco the most fabulous country in the world: endless beaches, sands, ancient buildings, ancient streets, artisan quarters, smells of spices and tea, trade and the sun – all this awaits tourists to the magical ornate Arabic music. To create an ideal vacation for yourself, you need the following: a pinch of Morocco, two tickets, a visa and smiles. Only then will a beautiful country called Morocco give you a real oriental fairy tale.

Moroccan mint tea

Time in Morocco, as in any eastern country, is a secondary thing. It is measured here in the amount of mint tea consumed. It is drunk in any weather, at any time of the year by all Moroccans, regardless of gender and age. As folk wisdom says, a day that has passed without Moroccan mint tea has been lived in vain. According to an ancient tradition, tea should be drunk because it is a real elixir to lift the mood, cheerfulness and freshness. Mint tea in Moroccan tones and quenches thirst. And its smell makes you forget about worries and troubles and immerse yourself in the fabulous world of Morocco.

Beaches, beaches, beaches

Many tourists visit sunny country with one purpose – to soak up on the beaches. To date, there are more than a hundred beaches in Morocco, the most popular of which are the beaches of Mazagan, Tagazut and Agadir. There is everything you need for a fun pastime: golf and beach volleyball courts, cafes, restaurants, bars and a sea of smiles, by the way, the site offers to make a beautiful smile.

For lovers of solitude and a relaxing holiday in a romantic atmosphere, a visit to the Atlantic coast of Legzira is offered, where you can contemplate picturesque sunsets and hear the sound of the ocean surf.

Haggle at the Oriental bazaar

To return from Morocco empty–handed is a real crime, for which tourists must be deported back to Morocco so that they visit the bazaar and buy souvenirs. For high-quality souvenirs, it is necessary to order an airplane carpet to go to the world-famous craft bazaars. So, at the Semarin bazaar in Marrakech, you can buy traditional Moroccan souvenirs: copper dishes, babush (soft shoes without a backdrop), jellabs (traditional Berber robes), spices, leather goods and much more.

However, Morocco is famous not only for traditional souvenirs. In recent years, modern local brands have opened here, the purpose of which is to combine modern fashion trends with traditional Moroccan clothing. Large cities are a vivid confirmation of this. Residents of Casablanca and Marrakech are trying to be on trend and not forget about their roots. Here you can buy fashionable clothes and accessories that meet modern fashion trends, but at the same time differ in Moroccan flavor.