If you look closely at the city, it will quickly become clear why it is the scientific, social and economic heart of Switzerland.

For many years, some Swiss cities have been included in the rating lists of “places with the highest quality of life”. Zurich is one of the first places on this list.

Tourists from all over the world appreciate Zurich as a transport hub, its medieval old town and a wide range of cultural events and party venues. Now you can read about what you can’t miss in the Swiss metropolis, and on the https://transferairport24.com/zurich-zrh-to-city website you can find out how to get to the hotel from the airport.

In every city there are things that are worth seeing, and it is here that both residents and tourists strive. Of course, Zurich is in no way inferior to the rest, so there are things to visit and places that should get on your list.

Limmat with delivery

On a glass-roofed boat, you slowly travel through the old city of Zurich to Lake Zurich and back. You can book such a trip from April to October and get an inexpensive sightseeing tour for just four Swiss francs (3.60 euros). From the water you will definitely discover a few more places that are worth visiting.

Take a walk around the old city of Zurich

In Zurich, you definitely need to walk through the alleys of Niederdorf. Admire the ornate gates, brightly painted facades and stop at one of the small but beautiful shops that sell almost everything from traditional clothing to well-known fashion brands. Buy delicious ice cream in the gelateria, take a walk to Limmat and sit by the water to rest.

Chagall Window Fraumnster

As soon as your tired legs recover, you should stay longer in the old town, because many treasures are just waiting to be discovered. The former Benedictine monastery of Fraumünster is located here. Don’t be deceived by his, perhaps, unobtrusive appearance, because he reveals all his beauty from the inside. The main attraction is the five stained glass windows, which were painted by the famous artist Marc Chagall. A rose window, also created by Chagall, can be found in the south transept of the church.

Sweets at Confiserie Sprngli

If your heart flutters with joy at the sight of the best truffles, pastries and really good hot chocolate, and you appreciate the excellent craftsmanship, your path will lead you straight to Confiserie Sprngli. Chocolate and cake dreams come true here! Enjoy fluffy luxemburgers, mouth-melting truffles and two-tiered cakes and pastries; and if you lack the taste of chocolate, you should treat yourself to the best hot chocolate. A large buffet with homemade bread, fresh jam and famous Bircher muesli is known far beyond the city limits.