Sequoia Park is not just a national nature reserve in California. This is the embodiment of the American spirit: the same strong and immense. Here you will meet ancient trees covered with moss and cracks; mountain streams that do not stop running; funny little animals that are not constrained by the presence of man.

What is important for you to know about the park?

Entrance is paid, a ticket for 1 week (this is exactly his “expiration date”) it costs $10 for a pedestrian and $20 for a car. Practical Americans who often relax in nature, and on July 4, almost everyone “rushes” to the park to relax with their relatives, take an Annual Pass worth $ 80. This is an annual subscription that allows you to visit the park at any time. It turns out to be profitable.

At the entrance to the park you will receive a detailed map showing all the attractions (do not even think that you will be able to visit everything in 1 day). They also give out a local newspaper that tells about the events in the park. Local journalists are very talented when it comes to stories about unique attractions. However, there is really something to tell, and you will surely leave the park as if refreshed, filled with amazing energy and the power of nature.

Attention! Be prepared that at the entrance to the park you will be greeted by a temperature of + 35 degrees. But the higher you climb, the more cool you will feel. At the very top you will be greeted by a chilly temperature of + 20 degrees. This is all due to the fact that the park is located in several climatic zones.

The tree that “General Sherman” (Genreal Sherman Tree)

A giant sequoia, next to which you realize that we are all just grains of sand in this world. The weight of the tree is more than 1,900 tons, and the height is more than the information stand in the museum is happy to share interesting facts. here are some facts about him, borrowed from the information stand in the museum:

  • It takes 14 people to hug this tree.
  • If the sequoia had fallen on a busy highway, it would have blocked 3 lanes of traffic.
  • If you cut down the “general” and just put it on the ground, then it will not fit on the football field.

In general, the general does not wear such a high and honorable title for nothing. He is really one of the best representatives of the flora (by the way, his age exceeds 2,500 years).

Tunnel Log in Sequoia National Park – a tree that fell and came in handy

Падающие секвойи – явление редкое, но возможное. Так случилось и с этим. Мало кто догадывался, что одно падение станет настоящей достопримечательностью! Руководство приказало прорубить в дереве тоннель, по которому могли бы двигаться автомобили. Настоящий пример американской бережливости во всем.

Tunnel Log in Sequoia National Park
Tunnel Log in Sequoia National Park

Hiking trails: “There on uncharted paths, on uncharted paths…”

There is definitely somewhere to walk: the total length of the trails has already reached 1,300 km! Agree, even in a week you can’t get around all the beauty. But this allows you to discover the spirit of a “hunter” who is ready to search for new ways and interesting solutions. Every new picnic will now be in a new place!

“Bear Hill”: a place where there are no bears

The name of the hill sounds intimidating, but do not be afraid. As soon as you climb to the top of the hill, you will get a gorgeous 360-degree panoramic view, from which you can’t take your eyes off: majestic sequoias, emerald green meadows, mountains going into the clouds … Add to all this a pinch of the purest air – and you will definitely feel dizzy. However, do not control yourself. Just let your feelings run wild.

Sequoia National Park is a place you should visit!

Sequoia National Park is a place you should visit!
Sequoia National Park is a place you should visit!