Legend has it that it was the Creator in ancient times who sent his arrow to the very side of the sea and gave the order to the raging waves to leave the place where the gun hit. As you guessed, the arrow fell on the island of Goa, and on that land the Creator made fiery sacrifices, and then settled a small territory. Since then, Goa has been considered a truly divine and holy place in India.

Goa is a small but self-sufficient region of India off the coast of the Arabian Sea. The capital is Panaji, and the most populated city is Vasco da Gama. The hot, humid, but comfortable climate of the subequatorial zone guarantees tourists an unforgettable vacation.

A leap into the past

In the 70s of the twentieth century, the region became a tourist mecca for the hippie – golden youth of those times. They were attracted by the mild climate and the flavor of Indian culture. From Europe, brave adventurers of this current walked here on foot or traveled by passing transport. On the beaches of Goa, they danced, swam, listened to music, dabbled in LSD, and then went to conquer Asia.

Some hippies stayed here for a long time. They lived in bungalows made of palm leaves and bamboo, were fond of spiritual practices and yoga. Many of them stayed in Goa forever and were even awarded the rank of “Baba”, which means enlightened.

Treasures of Goa, the most beautiful places in Goa

The main attraction of Goa is the perfection of nature. For example, the wonderful underwater world of Goa will not leave indifferent even a serious analyst of a large investment company. By booking a diving tour, you will be able to get to know many of the indigenous inhabitants of the Arabian Sea. Here you will see huge electric stingrays, shy sea turtles, serious sharks, giant tuna and a smart barracuda.

October-April is an ideal period for diving, because the water temperature is 25-30 ° C. If you don’t like water treatments and visiting sacred temples, Goa will be able to offer an interesting entertainment program.

Entertainment in Goa, what to see in Goa

  1. Dolphin tours.
  2. Water sports.
  3. Fishing.
  4. Night shopping.
  5. Quad biking.
  6. Visiting clubs and discos on the beach.
  7. Trans parties.
  8. Mastering paragliders.
  9. Elephant and horse riding.

These are just a few ways to keep yourself busy in Goa. In fact, you can do almost anything here. The main thing is not to violate local laws and traditions of the indigenous people of India.

Excursions to Goa

Curious tourists will certainly enjoy the program of excursions offered by local guides. There are plenty of activities in this category of educational entertainment in Goa.

Choose for yourself! Excursions are available to you, which by their very name attract lovers of everything mysterious.

  • Dudhsagar Waterfall.
  • The Jungle Book.
  • Cruise on a pirate schooner of the XIX century.
  • Crocodiles and spices.
  • Facets of history.
  • Humpy.
  • Visiting the tigers.
  • Little Tibet.
  • Sea fishing.

So, Goa is the territory of tourist happiness! Believe me, you will easily destroy all bureaucratic obstacles if you really want to be in a modern paradise of well-being and comfort!