Cascata del Marmore, better known as the marble waterfall, is one of the main attractions of Central Italy. It cannot fail to charm and impress any visitor. It can rightfully be called an extraordinary miracle created by human hands. And all thanks to the knowledge of the ancient Romans in the field of engineering and technology. Marble Waterfall is the highest among artificial waterfalls in the world, reaching 165 m.

This attraction is located on the Velino River. Once upon a time, the river formed many swamps, considered a breeding ground for various diseases, including malaria. Therefore, in 271, the construction of a diversion channel in the direction of the sheer cliff was started. The water from here was supposed to fall into the Nehru River. But such a plan created new problems, flooding neighboring cities during the flood. The Roman Senate could not find the right solution, so until the beginning of the XV century, everything remained as before.

In 1422, by order of Pope Gregory XII, the construction of a new canal was started, which was supposed to revive the original stream. Pope Paul III in 1545 realized the idea of building an additional canal in order to expand the first one and erect an adjustable flap. This would allow the water flow to be controlled. Upon completion of this construction, the new Pope Clement VIII held a celebration in honor of the opening of this structure, to which he gave his name – the Clement Canal.

For the next two hundred years, the villagers repeatedly suffered from the exploitation of the canal, because the Nera repeatedly flooded the nearby valleys. Pope Pius VI. calling the architect Andrea Vich and gave him an order to reconstruct the lower part of the waterfall. Thus, in 1787, the waterfall not only began to look modern, but also ceased to cause such significant damage.

It should be noted that the local landscape has always attracted tourists with its extraordinary beauty. There are viewing platforms for them here. There is a trail along the waterfall leading to its top. From there you can enjoy a wonderful view of the valley of the Nera River lying below.

Enchants the water landscape, because you can contemplate a huge body of water and from a close distance. It happens that the refracted sun rays in the spray of the waterfall form a rainbow.

A power plant built in 1929 operates on the basis of the water of the upper part of the waterfall. That’s why most of the time, instead of a waterfall, there is only a stream of a small stream.