Those who have been to America know firsthand about a large metropolis – Atlanta. The largest administrative city and the capital of the state of Georgia, occupying the 3rd largest area in America.

The metropolis where Margaret Mitchell lived and was mentioned in the novel Gone with the Wind. After the Civil War, it was reborn from the ashes and to this day Atlanta is always one step ahead, no worse than Chicago or New York.

The population of Atlanta today is almost 500 thousand, mostly African Americans, here they are given more preference. A great option for those who are tired of the frenzied pace of life and city noise.

As befits a metropolis, there are many places to go – museums, bars, restaurants, entertainment centers, cafes and nightclubs. Atlanta also glows with bright lights at night and is famous for skyscrapers, where the city is in the palm of your hand.

It is here that the symbols of America are located — this is the secret repository of the recipe for your favorite Coca-Cola, where they will tell everything about this drink, except for the recipe – this is a strict secret. The famous CNN TV studio is located here, where an introductory lecture will be held.

It is not superfluous to visit the largest aquarium with an area of about 160,000 m2 with exotic fish, such as rare species of shark rays. The ticket price is expensive – almost $ 40. It was in Atlanta that rap was first performed, parties are even dedicated to him and there is a museum with a whole history of rap.

In 1928, the first fast food Varsity appeared, almost two blocks in size, even before the famous McDonald’s. It could accommodate up to 800 visitors, and serviced 600 cars in the parking lot.

Local cafes always serve iced tea for dessert, in Atlanta it is a national drink. For tourists, local markets sell bourbon and rum in small souvenir bottles

Many tourists come to Atlanta on Christmas Eve, every year there is a festival of motorists, where everyone demonstrates their vehicles. And there are many more festivals for fans of cinema, music, and fine arts.

Tourists from all over the world are attracted by many attractions: the Museum of the Civil War, where you can learn the details of the war of 1864. The Georgia State Capitol is a significant monument of the city and an administrative point where important meetings of the government of Georgia take place from January to April. In 1991, the tallest skyscraper in Atlanta was built, with a height of almost 300 meters and 55 floors, there are many office centers in it.

The airport visited by everyone who has come to America at least once is Hartsfield-Jackson, the busiest airport in the world, where about a million flights from different parts of the Earth are made annually, the airport’s revenue is more than $ 35 million. Here is the cheapest gasoline and inexpensive rides.

The climate in Atlanta is subtropical, the hot period is from May to September, there is little snow in winter and sometimes rains with a cold wind. In warm weather, locals and tourists go out of town to hunt. There is a Chattahoochee River with a length of about 1000 meters, flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

Atlanta is a city where affordable prices for living and real estate. Spending a vacation with the whole family will be a great solution.

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