Medical tourism is understood as a combination of treatment and recreation abroad. Such trips are gaining popularity, as they allow you to save time. The level of services offered is growing.

Treatment in Israel meets international quality standards. During the year, medical institutions served more than 30 thousand people. There are 12 clinics with a JCI certificate in the country, and slightly more than 400 institutions have the highest quality certificate in the world. A visa-free regime is provided for residents of the Russian Federation.

Advantages of staying in Israel

You can go to Israel to receive the following types of medical services:

  • a certain type of treatment;
  • comprehensive examination;
  • health-strengthening treatment.

In the country, the government is interested in the development of medical tourism – people from all over the world visit it to solve health problems. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Israel is a world leader in the development of medical services. Many medical institutions create high competition, which forces each to constantly improve the quality of medical services, invest in staff training and use advanced technologies. Tourists receive top-level service at an affordable cost.
  2. Most doctors speak Russian. Patients feel psychologically more comfortable when the doctor understands them. Not everyone can correctly describe their condition. During the diagnosis, the doctor asks a lot of leading questions.
  3. The climate of the country, the Dead Sea and the solar heat allow you to improve your well-being in the shortest possible time. Thanks to a well-thought-out system of medical services in Israel, a tourist, resting on the sea, can undergo a full examination without prior records and queues.

Combining rest and treatment

There are several large medical centers in Israel that opened in the second half of the last century. In each of them, visitors note the delicate and polite staff, friendly approach to each patient.

The complexes consist of several specialized clinics and dozens of laboratories. Doctors are selected from the student bench, when future specialists undergo an internship. This allows you to track the professional growth of employees from the very beginning.

The outstanding results of Israeli medicine can be seen in the following areas:

  • implantation of pacemakers;
  • treatment of oncological diseases;
  • excellent performance in neurosurgery;
  • positive experience in the fight against many infections: HIV, AIDS;
  • methods of recovery in acquired and congenital pathologies of the central nervous system;
  • hematology.

Achievements in the field of motherhood should be noted separately. The centers of genetics and obstetrics help to conceive and carry a healthy baby. Children are treated with gentle non-invasive methods.


Patients who have come to Israel for treatment for the first time are surprised: why is such a high level of medicine worth so little? The Ministry of the country can regulate the cost of medical services only in state institutions. Pricing in private establishments takes into account high competition. Many institutions are forced to improve the quality of medical services, keeping prices at the same level.

It will be problematic to accurately determine the required amount for treatment. You will need to undergo an initial examination (300 units), pass detailed tests (120 units) and do a number of studies (up to 1200 units). However, you can definitely answer that the quality of medicine in Israel is much higher than its cost.

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