It has already been said about some types of this tourism, in which the blood boils and so excites the consciousness. But there are still many different ways to go beyond the ordinary and enjoy life.

Industrial tourism is probably the most interesting and incomprehensible kind. It consists in the research of abandoned buildings, industrial or specialized areas. Most often it is motivated by simple curiosity, but it can lead to addiction. Quite a dangerous occupation, considering that penetrating into an abandoned building, it is unknown what you can meet on your way. After all, dangers can lurk at every step.

One of the varieties of this tourism is diggerism – the study of underground structures (sewers, sewers, etc.). Particular preference is given to the subway, where diggers are searching for so-called ghost stations.

Also, this type of tourism includes infiltration – penetration into protected and private territories, rooting – wandering on roofs for various purposes. Often people accustomed to this lifestyle call themselves stalkers, a reference to the Strugatsky brothers’ work “Picnic on the Sidelines”, where stalkers were ordinary looters, only penetrated into very dangerous territories.

Hiking – overcoming long distances on foot. It has different difficulty categories due to various kinds of obstacles. It can reach several thousand kilometers.

Rafting – descent along mountain rivers on inflatable boats (rafts). Rafting routes are classified on a seven-point scale, the higher, the more dangerous. Interestingly, the rafts themselves first appeared during the Vietnam War, they transported cargo for the American army.

Hitchhiking. Quite an interesting way to get around the area for free. However, hitchhikers themselves do not consider this a “freebie”. The point is that the driver picks up a hitchhiker for a conversation to distract from the monotony of the road.

Light walking is, so to speak, a dangerous kind of hiking. The traveler reduces the weight of his equipment to a minimum, depending on his endurance.

Ropejumping – jumping from a height with the help of complex climbing equipment. It is divided into two types: with free fall and without free fall or pendulum. Probably the most dangerous and extreme kind.

It’s up to everyone to decide exactly what they want to try. But you should always prepare for this, study all aspects of your desire, because the consequences always arise.

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