A beach holiday in Croatia is primarily a vacation on the beach. There is an amazing ecology, the cleanest sea and not such a vibrant nightlife as in many fashionable resorts in Spain. People come here just to relax from the hustle and bustle, sunbathe on local beaches, over most of which the “international environmental quality mark” — the blue flag – is flying and swim in calm coastal waters.

Most resorts in Croatia are located on the Istrian peninsula and every year it is here that the largest flow of tourists is sent. The small towns that are located here are cozy and the very atmosphere that inhabits their streets disposes to a leisurely and comfortable time.

No one is ever in a hurry here. And in general, the locals seem to prefer to lie down rather than stand. Even in the numerous local cafes, most of the places are recumbent. These are just hammocks stretched in the refreshing shade of trees, in which it is very pleasant to wait out the midday heat.

But the sea in Istria is also calm, but deep. There are practically no gentle sandy beaches here. Most of them are strewn with something like a small sharp jackdaw and it is worth moving away from the shore for two meters, as once you fall into the depth. As a result, if you come on vacation with the whole family, then the smallest members of it should always be under your supervision.