Clean beaches, untouched nature of Croatia, various festivals and carnivals, sailing regattas, excellent service and developed infrastructure – all this cocktail of unforgettable impressions makes Croatia one of the best places to relax.

Croatia is a small but picturesque country in the south of Central Europe. Many people have heard about it as an object of tourism. Why do many tourists choose Croatia? Simply because here untouched nature peacefully coexists with a developed infrastructure. Along the coast it stretches for 4000 km. It has about a thousand islands in its composition. Dozens of different resorts are waiting for tourists with open arms.

What is remarkable about Croatia

Of course, many people go there because of the incredibly clean Adriatic Sea and hundreds of beaches of the highest level.

Croatia’s beaches are famous all over the world – they are awarded a special distinction – the Blue Flag. It is they who celebrate the best beaches around the world, which have everything you need for a quality holiday and at the same time are environmentally perfect.

It also attracts lovers of active pastime. Croatia is the best place for sailing. Yacht and boat rentals are available to enjoy a secluded holiday. The indescribable underwater world will find something to surprise. Also here you can have a great time on the board – surfing is also popular in the country.
In Croatia, you can also improve your health – there are about 20 mineral springs in the country, many thermal springs and a unique field of therapeutic oil.

Climate of Croatia

There are several climatic zones in the country. In the north, the continental climate prevails, in the center – semi-mountainous and mountainous, and in the south, guests will be greeted by a Mediterranean climate. Many people believe that it is worth going here in summer or early autumn – the most favorable weather and temperature. Naturally, it is warmest on the coast — +25-+ 30oC. There is little precipitation, and the least on the islands is 500-1000 mm per year.

Resorts in Croatia

There are a lot of resorts in this country. All of them are distinguished by picturesque nature, developed infrastructure and high-quality service. The country is divided into three resort areas. Holidays on the Istrian peninsula are very popular. Umag, Novigrad, Pula and many others are waiting for tourists here. It is impossible not to mention the Porech. History lovers will definitely like it. There are many monuments of different eras and cultures in the city: various palaces, castles, basilicas and fortresses.

Dalmatia is also popular. These are numerous beaches, old towns full of historical memories, and untouched pine forests. Dalmatia, known as the birthplace of Marco Polo, is also known as the land of skilled winemakers. Vodice, Sibenik, Dubrovnik – these and other resorts of Dolmatia are impatiently waiting for tourists to share their most beautiful nature on the whole Adriatic, show their national parks and other attractions.
Holidays in Croatia are not only summer time. You can have a good rest in the country in winter – there are several beautiful ski resorts here.

9 reasons why you will fall in love with Croatia

Croatia has long fascinated guests with its turquoise sea and excellent combination of cultural attractions and magnificent natural wonders. Here are 9 reasons why you will fall in love with this Mediterranean gem:

9Friendly locals

The Croatian people are famous for their kind heart and carefree mentality. Croats are always ready to help and tell about their country. If you’re lucky, you’ll even be able to find out where the lesser-known beaches and the best restaurants are.


The traditions of bygone times are well preserved in Croatia. There is no shortage of cultural festivals in the country. The International Folklore Festival is a great chance to get acquainted with local music and customs. In the Konavle region, you can often see residents donning traditional costumes, embroidered vests and unique jewelry.

7The wonders of nature

Lovers of outdoor adventures and nature will be spoiled by a selection of beautiful and diverse landscapes. Hiking, climbing or cycling offer spectacular views in many regions of Croatia. In the Plitvice Lakes Nature Reserve, you can escape from the heat by diving into one of the 16 purest lakes surrounded by cascading waterfalls.
Plitvice Lakes


Golden sands and clear water together form one of the best coasts of the Mediterranean. The city of Nin can offer the best beaches in the country and possibly some of the best in the world.


Croatia is one of the warmest places in the Mediterranean with a pleasant mild winter and a small number of rainy days. During the summer months, the sun does not set until late, which allows you to spend a lot of time on the beach.

4Historical treasures

Only a few places in Croatia will not please you with dilapidated monuments or an ancient palace. The Old Town in Dubrovnik is no exception. Here you will find majestic churches and monasteries sheltering in a perfectly preserved medieval fortress.


Gourmets will be delighted with the unique combination of Mediterranean cuisine with traditional dishes of Eastern European cuisine. First of all, it is worth trying fresh seafood, especially freshly caught mussels and oysters. It is also worth trying the local favorite delicacy pasticada – a delicious beef stew, which is usually served with a generous portion of dumplings.


Due to the beautiful climate in Croatia, there are many vineyards where excellent wines are produced. One of the best is the Teran wine, which is made in the region of History. You can also enjoy the signature liqueur Maraschino, which is made from cherries.


Partygoers will be able to enjoy the nightlife of Croatia — here you can easily find clubs and bars with live music; there are also many world-famous festivals in the country. The best beach club in Croatia is Papaya Club, where famous DJs often perform.