Jilin is a Chinese city in the northern province of China. He is little known to Russian tourists and travelers, but he is known to students who dream of learning Chinese and getting an education at a university in China. After all, the famous Chinese Beihua State University is located in Jilin, where representatives of various countries study together with Chinese students.

Last year, after finishing our first year of studying Chinese in Jilin, our Beihua University (read about it in the article Beihua University in Jilin) gave us a trip to Changbaishan Mountain.

Changbaishan Mountain

Changbaishan Mountain (translated as Big White Mountain) is located on the border of Jilin Province and Korea. Once this mountain belonged to Korea and is still considered sacred by them, so every year many Koreans climb Changbaishan. The mountain is famous for the fact that in fact it is an extinct volcano, in the crater of which a lake was miraculously formed. It is called Tianchi or Heavenly Lake. This is one of the highest mountain lakes in the world. It is located at an altitude of about 2000 km .

So, at the beginning of July, we were announced that the trip would take place. There were a lot of people who wanted to go to the mountains — 70 students from our hostel and new and some “old men”. We stocked up on warm clothes, food, cameras, sat on two large buses and together with two of our Chinese teachers went to a small Chinese village, which is located at the foot of these mountains. Although the village is located in my province, but we drove for about 5 hours, arrived almost in the evening and checked into some small hotel. The next day at 6 a.m. we boarded buses and moved to the mountains, then switched to smaller buses and went even further, And then the most interesting thing began.

A trip to Changbaishan Mountain

We were put into SUVs and minibuses and cheerful reckless drivers (and they turned out to be even more reckless, Schumacher is dragging far behind!) they took us to the top of the mountain along a narrow mountain path, without braking on turns, managing to drive away in dangerous places with cars rushing towards us, without even slowing down! Despite the fact that the path is narrow, uneven and terribly winding. It was fun inside these minibuses in general — we were thrown all over the car from side to side, we fell on each other, laughed and grabbed the handrails. An extreme trip turns out to be included in the tour.) We got a magical adrenaline rush!

Finally, about half an hour later, we were dropped off, pale and quiet. Then it remained only to climb to the very edge of the crater and see the miracle lake. The air in this area is extraordinary! I have never breathed such air in my life – cold (even in the middle of July), thin, clean and transparent. It seems that you feel how it penetrates you, so light, and at the same time quite tangible. The top of the mountain itself has no vegetation, and in some places there was snow. I will never forget the impressions of when the clouds are floating UNDER you! You feel as if you have reached the highest stage of enlightenment.

Heavenly Lake

We were lucky — it was a clear day, there was no fog and we saw this amazing lake. The mirror surface, rich deep blue-blue color, as if from a postcard. It seems that I found myself in my own dream, colorful and magical. This is not forgotten!

We were pleasantly surprised that our journey did not end there. Ahead of us there was a waterfall, mountain streams, two more lakes, hot springs, a walk through the forest, huge boulders overgrown with moss… In general, we walked, saw enough, inhaled mountain air. On the way back we were caught by a little rain. To luck! After sunset we were in a hostel in Jilin, quiet, happy, tired, with a bunch of photos, and most importantly with unforgettable impressions. The nature of Changbaishan is unique, fascinating-beautiful and unlike anything else. A place where you feel the greatness and beauty of the world.