Phuket has stunning golden sand beaches and a wonderful coastline dotted with huts, cafes and clubs. Holiday in Phuket will appeal to lovers of entertainment, water sports and all those who want to sunbathe and swim a lot. Exploring the island can also be an interesting activity

Thailand is a very interesting exotic country. Phuket Island is one of the islands belonging to this state. What interesting features and traditions are common on the island and in its surroundings?
Perhaps it’s worth starting with entertainment. One of them is the well-known Thai massage. There are just no ways to conduct it! The most original of them is when a large-tonnage elephant acts as a masseur. He massages with his trunk and legs. After such a massage, unforgettable impressions will remain. However, such a massage does not last long — only a couple of minutes.

Boxing acts as a large-scale Thai spectacle. This is a very ancient entertainment. The loser left the ring either unconscious or dead. This has been going on for almost two thousand years. But since the last century, a game mode for points has been introduced. Boxing begins with a duel of children — the most beautiful part, according to visitors. It should be noted that the boys are well paid for the fight. Then there is a women’s battle, which was still banned 20 years ago. The final fight of the men is a real climax. Viewers place bets, the minimum amount is $15.

An interesting entertainment is also a cabaret, where beauties practically in their underwear sing and dance. However, there is a catch in this: young guys often turn out to be incomparable beauties.

Often boys from poor families change their appearance to female and perform in cabaret. They are pumped up with hormones, because of which guys’ breasts grow, and female forms are formed. But they age very quickly, and by the age of forty, their liver fails because of hormones.

You can relax in Phuket by simply visiting the beach. A rich tourist can also afford to ride a yacht by renting it. The most famous Thai beach is Mai Bay on Phi Phi Island. Filming with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio took place on this beach.

It is worth paying attention to the taste preferences of Thais. One of the delicacies is a living heart and fresh blood of a cobra. The price of such a dish is $300. Cobras never get sick, and residents believe that after eating this dish, they themselves will become healthier, although hunting cobras is deadly. To get a living, beating heart from a cobra, you need to cut a still living snake and get it.

11 places and things not to miss on Phuket Island

Patong Beach – colorful coastline

Patong Beach is considered one of the most popular beaches in Phuket — it will be interesting for those who love entertainment and fun. There are many cafes, pubs and shacks on Patong Beach. Here you can do water sports, swim and sunbathe. It is worth considering that the prices in this place are quite high.

Karon Bay from a bird’s-eye view

Located in the gap between the beaches of Nai Harn and Karta Noi, the Karon observation deck is very popular, because from it you can see three beaches at once. It’s worth coming here to take some wonderful photos.

Koh Panye – floating village

This is a small traditional Thai village, which is considered one of the most interesting places in the vicinity of Phuket. The location of the village is unusual — it is located in the middle of Phang Nga Bay at the foot of a cliff. It is quite crowded here, so you should come to the village in the morning. While exploring Digging, do not forget about local food and souvenirs.

Phi Phi — “like on a postcard”

The beautiful island of Phi Phi is separated from Phuket by just an hour of sailing on the Andaman Sea. On the island, everyone can admire the clear water and scorching beaches — it is especially good to spend a honeymoon on Phi Phi. The main activities here are scuba diving (including exploring the Anemone Reef and the King Cruiser shipwreck), surfing, swimming and enjoying the sun.

James Bond Island – a little movie

Part of the Phang Nga Nature Reserve, the island with the cinematic name, formerly known as Khao Ping Kan, offers to explore stalactites, helictites, stalagmites and other karst formations that amaze with their beauty. The island was renamed due to the fact that the filming of two Bond films took place here.

Kata Noi Beach – serenity by the sea

Kata Noi is a sparsely populated and even quiet beach in the south of the island. People visit this secluded place to relax and admire the views. Kata Noi can be called a romantic beach, so it will be very cozy for couples here.

Rank Hill – a city from a height

Located on the north side of Phuket, Rang Hill is an observation area with a beautiful view of the island, the hills, the blue sea with a greenish tinge and the Buddha statue. There is also a park on the hill with a children’s playground, several restaurants and a fitness area. It is best to visit the place in the evening to see the beauty of the sunset and the lights of the city.

Old Town – colonial charisma

Old Phuket and its traditional houses, whose age is measured in centuries, returns to the colonial era. This charming place is by no means to be missed while visiting Phuket. Bright houses, narrow winding streets, unusual cafes are an excellent bait. In the Old Town, it is worth paying attention to Buddhist and Chinese temples, mansions, museums and houses, in the appearance of which Chinese and Portuguese influences are mixed. Thalang Road is a great place for shopping.

The Big Buddha is a blessing from above

This is one of the most significant places in Phuket. At the top of the Nakkerd hills stands a 45-meter Buddha statue made of white marble. Climbing the hill, you can enjoy the view of the island from a great height. Do not forget about the museum, where the story of this giant Buddha is told.

Wat Chalong

This is one of the oldest temples in Phuket, built in the 19th century and dedicated to two abbots. The temple is quite large and attractive in appearance. Today’s structure is a stupa (chedi) 60 meters long. Inside, you can see many gilded statues and murals on the walls telling about the life of the Buddha.

Fantasea – drama, magic, dance

Fantasi is a performance that introduces the culture of Thailand in an unusual way. In the presentation, the brightness and charm of the country are expressed through dance, drama and music. The whole complex occupies 140 acres — you can find a lot of interesting things here.