Nowhere has religion been so openly challenged as in the Netherlands. In Holland, as they replaced Jesus with a guilder in the XVII century, so they never really remembered about him. Because they themselves with moustaches can create the earth by taking it away from the sea. And then, what is it? Tolerance to vices is the essence of the modern Dutchman.

In short, the Dutchman is the most advanced Westerner, ahead of both the British and Americans in his evolution. In theory, this is a man of a decaying future. But what kind of beast is this? The Dutchman is spiritless. He is striving for success. As, in fact, almost all other Western people. And I must admit, this success has really been achieved. Not only in terms of the economy, but also in terms of social tranquility. For every Dutchman, the main thing is to create a family, arrange a winter garden near the house and raise three children. There is, however, a joke that the Netherlands has the lowest crime rate in Europe because many crimes in Holland are not considered such. But this is nothing more than a joke. Benevolence and lack of aggression on the streets (by the way, weed removes it perfectly) felt immediately.

The Dutchman is not aggressive. There is no bazaar here either. This is a great property of character, by the way. A brave Dutchman, only when he drinks – the British and Americans have a lot of jokes on this topic. And why should he be like that if he earns a place in the sun not with his fists, but with the age-old ability to trade? Therefore, he is harmless everywhere, except in business, where he is a competitor. There he is stubborn and confident. And if a Dutch partner, then this is an excellent business insurance. The Dutch themselves believe that they are extremely enterprising and able to get along with anyone thanks to their flexible psychology, brought up for centuries in the spirit of equanimity to other people’s pens. And the Dutchman would be a man of the future, if not for one “but”. Holland is just an island of peace and permissiveness in a vast world where a lot of people are not able to earn and spend so much and therefore cannot afford this peace of mind. This world is aggressive and passionate.

Holland is a beacon of the decline of Western civilization. This is an outpost of the decomposition of a huge Atlantic Empire, which, if you think in geopolitical terms, is comparable to the Roman One. And she, as you know, came to a bad end. Or rather, I finished badly. They ended up there quite voluptuously, starting from emperors and ending with plebeians, and not always in the traditional intersex way. Oh, and one more thing. The impression that the Dutch only do what they smoke, drink, shoot and fuck is extremely wrong. If you look deeper into the Dutch farm, you won’t notice anything like that there. No one messes up there, Protestant ethics prevail there, which is based on routine work. And he does not irritate and does not call for drunkenness, as the Russian soul would ask. Accumulation for the Dutch is good, thoughtless spending of money is bad. Luxury and show-offs cause condemnation.

Behavior a la New Russian courage in Holland is considered simply indecent, even more than in other Western countries. Emotionality in the Netherlands is considered a psychological disorder, as, indeed, in the rest of Northern Europe. In public, all sorts of tenderness-hugs are not welcome. The only thing they allow is innocent kisses on the cheek when meeting and saying goodbye, and even then it came from loving Frenchmen. At the same time, the Dutch are absolutely shameless and straightforward, they are able to say everything they think and not hush up problems. When talking, it is necessary to look directly into the eyes of the interlocutor, otherwise it is considered that the person is lying. Here “yes” is considered “yes”, and “no” is “no”. “But what about legalized same-sex love,” you ask.

Of course, “there were demons, we don’t deny it.” Moreover, there are demons. The first same-sex marriage was officially registered in 2002 in Amsterdam. But this only confirms what was said above: the Dutch do not like to lie. In Russia, for example, such relations “sin” no less, but they are unlikely to ever be legalized due to a sanctimonious mentality.