There are ways to delve into the charm of Yangon and learning about its insider life. While many people enjoy walking through British like streets, seeing museums, these fun-packed activities reveals Yangon in a very distinctive way:

Enjoy Tea like a local

If you expect a true Yangon experience then you should not miss having a drink or snack in a Yangon teashop. In almost every street of Yangon, there are small restaurants serving sweet, typical Burmese and drinks. These sites are the common stops for office worker for lunch and for all other, it is a meeting place.
Teashop is a great demonstration of Yangon lifestyle where you can observe the lively streets, food stalls at its authenticity.

See the signature of Indian and Chinese in downtown

A guided walk through Indian streets, vibrant market in the morning is one of the great way to appreciate the influence of Indian culture in Myanmar. You will like photographing curry powder, fish, and vegetable shops on the liveliest scene.
A little further from Indian streets, China town exposes sights and sounds of a little Oriental world where Chinese temples, restaurants and food vendors attract all your senses. If you go in the evening, do not miss a BBQ time, you can choose various foods to grill directly on charcoal.

Embark on the Circle Train

For a very cheap price of $1, the circle train ride winding through Yangon suburbs and nearby countryside offer some of the most interesting interaction with local people. On the train, you will feel the warm welcome of Burmese who are very friendly and love to have some chats with you regardless of the language barrier. The experience is very pleasant as you drop off in any rail, small market witnessing women in Thanaka face, selling their farm produces and unique goods.

The circle train also connects your travel to Chaukhtatgyi pagoda, home to the biggest Reclining Buddha statue in the country which definitely worth a visit.

Sunset from Sakura Tower

For Yangon people, Sakura tower is probably the oldest building that is marked as city center. At the sunset time, head to the top of this tower, relax at Sakura lounge, pay for a drink and enjoy the bird view panorama of the city. You will be rewarded by stunning Shwedagon pagoda, Sule junction and Yangon Port.
This is simply a perfect choice when you finish your Yangon Day Tours or escape from a rainy day.

Visit Thanlyin Old Town

Located in the suburb of Yangon, Thanlyin has its glorious history reflected through Portugese church, Victorian ruined houses and big universities. This small town is also famous for a fascinating fishing village, sacred pagoda in the middle of Thanlyin river and intrigue pottery traditional workshops. It is no surprise if you see many local people head to Thanlyin to pray as it is one of the best Buddhism attractions in the area.

How to end a day in style

At dawn, conclude your visit of Yangon at Shwedagon Pagoda. Its a photographer’s paradises, where lights cast a cozy glow on ornate colorful mix of colours: gold, black, white in the backdrop of giant pagoda spires. Hundreds of nuns and nats come to worship here every day.