The average number of tourist who tours to other countries has marginally increased and the interesting fact is the number of visitors as tourist to the Asian countries like China, India has risen. There are various factors that draws the tourist towards these nations, and tours to china is always considered to be as the most interesting tours, there many reason why people tours to China.

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The main reason is that people go to these countries because of the attractive Chinese foods. The Chinese foods are not only popular with china but it is also popular all across the globe. The Chinese foods is acclaimed and desired by almost everyone who has tasted it.

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The other reason why china is popular for tourism is that because of the silk route, this route is today considered to be as one the popular tourist destinations and the reason behind this is that there are many traditional and historical structures present in that route.

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In the past people who have visited these places were really refreshed and amazed because of the heritage and the historical significance that is associated with these places and as the tourism is encouraged everywhere within the borders of China this paves way for a tourist friendly climate. In Chinese food has got a traditional background and cultural affinity.

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Currently it is very possible and easy to do trade in and within china and this is attracting number of overseas traders to china and this scenario could pave way for economical growth with China. And the procedure followed to do commerce in china is simple and there is no complex regulation followed, these are some of the factors that are attracting people to visit China as a tourist. Today travelling to China is really much simple and easy as ever before.