The Ecuadorian Amazon region commonly known as “el Oriente” is formed by the following sparsly populated provinces, from north to south: Sucumbios, Napo, Orellana, Pastaza, Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe. Although the Oriente covers almost half of the surface of Ecuador, only 4.8% of the population live in this vast area, which despite frantic deforestation still remains covered by tropical rainforest. Sustainable tourism, providing and increasing local income, helps to put a stop to the deforestation, which is one of the main threats of the region with a rate of 2.3%, 250’000 ha/year.

The eastern part of Ecuador forms part of the Amazon Basin. The Amazon region, the world’s largest remaining tropical rainforest, where more than one third of the earth’s fresh water flows, hosts a huge biological diversity and many unique species. At first glance, the rain forest is a vast humid and green wilderness. However, as one observes carefully, this ecosystem is full of surprises. Not only is each tree very different from the next, but also for every tree there are hundreds of other plant and animal species in constant interaction. Tropical rain forests cover 7% of the Earth’s surface, but they hold 50% of the world’s biodiversity.

The Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest where the weather is hot, humid and rainy and the temperature varies between 23 C and 26 C, is the habitat of several indigenous ethnic groups and tribes as the Huaorani, Shuar, Ashuar, Kichwa, Siona Secoya, Cofan, Zaparo and Quijos who are still living traditionally, maintaining their distinct customs and traditions. This indigenous people and groups that have lived in the amazon rainforest for thousands of years keep their ancestral traditions alive, displaying their customs, rituals and wisdom acting as the guardians of the world’s biodiversity and conserving this unique ecosystem for future generations.

The Ecuadorian Amazon region with its huge protected ares Yasuní National Park, Cuyabeno Wildlife and Fauna Breeding Reserve, Huaorani Protectorate, Sumaco-Napo Galeras National Park, Limoncocha Biological Reserve and Sangay National Park provides unprecedented opportunities for discovering and experiencing the magic of the Amazon rainforest.

Ecuador offers probably one of the world’s best developed infrastructures for rainforest tourism and in addition to this most destinations are accessible within a day’s journey from the capital Quito.

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Amazon Rainforest
Amazon Rainforest