Travel across India can be as it is extremely fascinating, and excessively risky. Fascinatingly because this country is surprising and original, and risky because in India not too high standard of living, the crime prospers, and will hardly search for the gone foreigner’s the traveler.

Of course, if you went to Goa or other popular Indian resort that you can be afraid, however if you decide on independent single travel far inland, you should weigh everything carefully.

India remains the original country with ancient extremely fascinating traditions and magnificent sights.

Travel across India

Beach rest is very popular in India. The most known resort is Goa. This world capital of hippie and other alternative culture. However this resort enjoys popularity and at fans of quiet family rest. Having come to rest on Goa, you will plunge into the fantastic world of tranquility and east exotic.

Rest cost in India isn’t too big, especially in a winter season. Having gone on the vacation in the middle of the winter, you will plunge into warm tropical summer which will present you unforgettable memories of rest.

India It is undoubted that the main place of interest of the country is the Taj Mahal. This temple complex is built local rajahs in honor of the died wife. Many tourists call Taj Mahal the most romantic and touching place on the planet.

Mausoleum Taj Mahal

Mausoleum Taj Mahal One of wonders of the world and symbol of India is the Mausoleum Taj Mahal. Tourists from every quarter of the planet are flown down to the town of the Acre near which the Taj Mahal is located. Mumtaz Makhal built the mausoleum for the beloved wife the sultan Shah-Jahan.

The love story between Shah-Jahan and Mumtaz takes the romanticism and sensuality of the relations. At fifteen-year age Shah fell in love with the minister’s daughter, however the father Shah-Jahan chose to the successor other candidate. Came to the rescue of future governor of India Muslim custom which allowed it to have several wives, and in 1612 Mumtaz Makhal became the second and beloved wife of the crown prince.

17 years of happy matrimonial life later Mumtaz Makhal dies, and her husband swore to build for the late wife a tomb, with luxury, unprecedented to a mudflow.

In 1652 construction Taj Mahal was ended. One view of this unique structure is enough to understand that the Indian governor kept the word – and I built a unique construction.

For construction the best architects of the East were invited, more than 20 thousand people worked at building of the millennium. Height of the mausoleum makes 95 meters, and the total area occupied by a complex makes several square kilometers.

Goa – popular rest in India

Goa – one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. The former Portuguese colony managed to turn into the modern resort which is annually visited by tourists from different corners of the planet. In the seventies to Goa was many hippies who arrived here in search of freedom from America and Europe. Today the majority of them left these places.

Beaches of Goa strike with the beauty and purity. Who didn’t dream to have a rest on the beach covered with the smallest white sand on which edge palm trees grow. Luxuriating in a convenient chaise lounge, it is possible to watch for hours how fishermen shower the networks in the sea. The persistence of local sellers who nearly by force can put the fruit or bracelets in hands can only become the only inconvenience at the same time.

India – the country of contrasts. Travel over this country can become intense for the European inhabitant. After all we didn’t get used to see the sea of garbage on streets. Goa – approaches European resorts, here it is possible to relax and derive pleasure. Having arrived here, you can not stay at the hotel, and rent the room in one of local houses. The price for accommodation and rest on Goa at the same time will be not strongly high.