The saved ancient written sources allow to track formation of Ancient Chinese culture rather accurately today. And some scientists consider that China is the only country which could save the cultural values most fully.

Samples of classical literature of that period perfectly reflect process of formation of religious, philosophical and socio-political views in Ancient China. It should be noted that the Ancient Chinese culture of China had huge value for formation not only cultures of all people of the Far East of that time, but in many respects I defined also character of the public relations, philosophical doctrines, etc. around the world up to the latest times.

The greatest value on development of later philosophical and religious systems was rendered by religious philosophical doctrines which were issued in China by the fifth century B.C. The system of religious and philosophical views registered by Confucius is known today, without exaggeration, in any modern country.

Information about Confucius is very poor. But modern researchers of its creative inheritance are sure that he was absolutely real personality. But it isn’t excluded that many provisions of Confucianism are added in development of the doctrine much more later.

China in the Middle Ages

China in the Middle Ages endured quite cruel wars which displaced and put new governors of China. Generally this period of time can be allocated in such framework: since 600 our era till 1650 our era.

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After it nearly 15 years in the country internal war was sharpened and the power shared between many governors. But in 916 Liao’s state which occupied northern part of China was formed. At this time up to 1280 in China art developed, the new cities were under construction and the science developed. Rough blossoming in China stopped in 1276 when the Southern China was conquered by Mongols. Mongols overthrew a dynasty Sung and plunged China into chaos.

Since 1280 the Mongolian khan of Hubilai ascended to a throne and began to rule all China. It proceeded till 1368 when revolution in the country threw off the aggressor.

China in the Middle Ages rolled in blood from numerous wars and it ended in 1644 when the government of the state was taken in hand by a mighty dynasty of Manchurians. With their arrival conditional time frames which outlined the Middle Ages come to an end. This dynasty ruled the country up to 1911!