Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the East. This city was built in record time, only thirty years ago there were miserable shacks of local fishermen on the site of skyscrapers, and the metropolis itself was a fishing village on the shore of the bay. Today this city is called one of the wonders of the world, to which millions of tourists come every year. Today, holidays in Dubai are extremely popular with our compatriots who come to plunge into oriental fairy tales and the unforgettable atmosphere of the city.

Arriving on vacation in Dubai, you can stay in numerous hotels, you can find both inexpensive economy hotels where a single room will cost you in the order of $ 50 per day, or stay in the most famous hotel of the east Burj al Arab, a room in which will cost you three thousand dollars per day.

Vacation in Dubai is quite difficult to call inexpensive and affordable. A week-long tour can cost you $ 500 or more, but you should take into account that all excursions in the city are paid and, as a rule, have a fairly high cost. Therefore, the amount that will be called to you at the travel agency can be safely doubled.

Dubai provides you with a unique opportunity to combine a beach holiday with exciting excursions around the city. You can explore the city from the observation tower of the tallest skyscraper in the world, which is located in Dubai, visit the local malls, which are the largest shopping malls in the world, go skiing in the largest indoor ski center and much more.

In general, a vacation in Dubai will leave you with the warmest memories that will warm and delight you for a long time.