1Italy – one and only

Set of the cities of this country are known around the world. To them, Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples and many, many other cities belong. And they attract to themselves not only because of a set of shops in which all fans of shopping, but magnificent ancient architecture are interested.
You can earn long-awaited sea suntan, luxuriating under sun beams in one of the numerous resorts of Italy.

Here you will see a huge number of vineyards, and also you will be able to taste the magnificent wine made of their fruits. Besides, you will be able to get leather things of excellent quality at the low prices. And if you are an admirer of a hendmeyd, then don’t forget to glance in workshops of local handymen. Here you will be able to get fine souvenirs for the family and friends.

In Italy you shouldn’t miss at all seasons of the year. In the summer you will be able to be bought and sunbathe on local beaches, in the winter – to sweep with a breeze on skis, and the spring and fall – fine time for visit of numerous historical and cultural monuments of the country. Also don’t forget to buy a couple of design things in the main center of world fashion.