Bormio, Sondrio – an Italian resort ready to give you a full pack of touristic baits:

  • Unique cuisine where every dish becomes the art masterpiece;
  • Striking and breathtaking from the first look architecture;
  • Sweet, attractive and truly especial coloring.

The town didn’t turn to be hyper famous but this is its best tramp. Here come the ones who want to enjoy the silence, the beauty of nature and the absence of queues. That’s why the resort is pointed as “must be visited”.

The location and the advantage of Sondrio.

The town is outspread north of Italy, not far from the border with Switzerland. So the locals understand and can practically use different languages: Italian, German, French and a bit English. Merging into one dialect, they give as a gift the special charm and flavor of freedom.

Bormio, Sondrio – the town with an Italian soul Bormio, Sondrio – the town with an Italian soul

Why do the tourists praise the town so much?

Vineyards and mountain landscapes around the town are able to morph a unique view. They have become the main source of living for the citizens: the place is known for the vineyards and sour flavors of this very drink. Winery and trade are the main article of the incoming budget of the town.

What are the features of Sondrio?

  • Founded as a watch station it grew up as a modern town (preserving the the peculiar flavor and amazing cultural coloring);
  • The name of the town means “Possession” because the first citizens were free men;
  • Palazzo Pretorio – town hall and the place all must be at least once. The palace was built in the 16th century and throughout its existence it outlived a lot of changes, reconstructions and alterations;
  • Palazzo Sassi is another famous castle which is used as the room for the big art museum;
  • There is a couple of churches in the town, each of them – the reflection the époque, its mood, its taste;
  • Massegra – the shtick of the town. The walls of the castle open an amazing view to the town which takes your breath. There opened another museum, if you pick the excursion it will let you feel it all more clear, those passionate, gentle and kind Italian soul.

Welcome to Sondrio!