It is undeniable that Italy has a very powerful influence on the Western cuisine and culture. Rome, Italy’s capital is home to the Holy Vatican City. Rome houses many religious landmarks and ancient ruins.

Florence is another Italian city that has Renaissance treasures. One of it is the infamous Michelangelo’s “David” as well as its paper and leather artisan. Venice is a city that will definitely capture your heart. This sinking city of canals will surely make a mark in your memory. Your Italian tour won’t be complete without stepping your feet on the fashion capital of Italy, the fabulous Milan.

This European country is an amazing place to fall in love

Italy is well-known around the world for its picturesque countryside, flavorful food, fine wines and startling history. While in Italy, you can have so much fun with Florence’s vineyards, the stunning Cinque Terre as well as the carefree nature of the Southern Italy. This country will simply take your breath away and won’t ever leave you disappointed. There is just so must to do in Italy and it might take you a year or more to experience everything.

Don’t rush; this country is best explored slowly. Take your time to relax and take pleasure from the scenery.

It is important that you plan everything ahead before your Italian tour because accommodation can cost you a lot. This is the case, particularly if you stay in the bigger cities. An Italian hostel accommodation may cost you from 25 to 60 EUR a night, while private rooms range from 65 to 90 EUR.

But, if you to the further south, you can find more affordable accommodation costing from 55 EUR. A smart technique is to rent a room or apartment from a local. This accommodation deal is actually the latest trend nowadays.

Whether you have a big or tight budget, you can always eat Italian foods that are very delicious. A regular meal with wine in a restaurant can cost roughly 23 EUR. But if you roam around and take more minutes to find affordable restaurants, you will only need as low as 14 EUR per person to get a delightful Italian meal.

But if you still want it to be cheaper with almost the same quality, go to hot tourist spots. In these areas, you can get quick eats and grab paninis, pizza by the slice and other light snacks that cost 2 to 4 EUR. Value meal at a famous fast food will normally cost you 9 EUR.

Yes, Italian foods are mouth-watering, but you have to be careful not to overeat. This might ruin your vacation when your clothes are getting tight. If you can’t resist the scrumptious cuisine, then bring along forskolin pills or other weight loss supplements. There are no notorious forskolin side effects that may harm you.

Remember to visit Siena, a well-preserved medieval Italian city known for its labyrinth of lanes assembled around the Piazza del Campo area. During summer, horse racing is a popular attraction.

Also, roam through the Pompeii, an ancient city destructed by a volcano. This place is conserved by a blanket of ash. Walking around the city will allow you to see the attractive frescoes with their awesome colors.

Dining in Sicily is a great Italian experience. You might be scared of the place because it’s identified for its mafia, but this does not mean those tourists are not permitted to have fun. Sicily has its distinct taste and cooking style. The gorgeous coastal beaches will keep you warm during the summer months.

Visiting Italy
Visiting Italy
Visiting Italy
Visiting Italy