Pondicherry, lovingly also known as Pond is one the city in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. During the 4th century, pond was under the reign of the Pal lavas, between the 10-13 centuries; it was ruled by Cholas and then passed onto the Pandas from the 13th century. Later, it was occupied by the French and after independence it was declared as the Union Territory.

The east coast road links Pondicherry to Chennai. A number of Volvo and Private Buses run between the two cities. Other cities such as Delhi and Mangalore are well connected to Pondicherry by train. Currently, the Pondicherry Airport is under renewal and it will be operational in a small time. A number of airline companies are expected to be operating flights to and from Pondicherry.

Churches and architectures from French invasion

Pondicherry is indeed one of the admired vacationer’s destinations in South of India. The city is known for its fine-looking colonial construction, temples and churches which when combined with the efficient urban planning and the avenues in authentic French style, conserve a good deal of the colonial atmosphere. It is undeniably a famous weekend spot. It is a combination of holy atmosphere, French heritage, and Tamil traditions.

The city known for its heritage values:

The destinations highly visited by the tourist are the four beaches namely – Serenity Beach, Autryville Beach, Paradise Beach, and Promenade Beach. The Sri Eurobond Ashram is indeed one of the renowned ashrams. Pondicherry is a home to quite a few numbers of old and big churches built during 18th & 19th centuries. Quite a few, heritage structures are near Promenade Beach, for instance a Gandhi and Nehru statue, Dupleix Statue, the Children’s Park, the French War Memorial and the Pondicherry Museum.

Another interesting spot that can make you lose your anchor is the Pond Botanical Gardens. One of highly visited is the very old, stunning Thirukaameeswarar Temple. It is a giant temple found in the Villainous, gorgeous township 10 km from Pondicherry. The main god here is Lord Shiva and goddess is Kokilambigai.

Best hotels to stay:

More than about 200 Pondicherry hotels are available to choose from for the tourists visiting Pondicherry. Hotel Amanda Inn has been ranked number one by the traveler’s who have traveled to Pondicherry. According to an anchor, it is best known for its ambience and food. There are also other hotels such as ginger, Green Palace, Zest Big beach with a stunning view of one of four beaches.

Cathedrals, beaches and Festivals:

Budding bougainvilleas, on the verge of collapsing cathedrals and 18th-century structures paint the French colonized Pond, which is seated on the edge of the Bay of Bengal. However it is undeniably and distinctly very Indian, with vibrant festival all through the year, with a few mosques and the Sri Eurobond Ashram. Silent beaches extend along from the north and south, excellent sunrise strolls and to take a swim or may be just step in. Pond is simple to navigate by a walk or by a cycle.