There are many romantic sites in our magnificent malachite-blue world, being in which generates ideas about constant passion, mutual love and soft, tender emotions. Traveling with your beloved person is considered the makings of a strong and lasting relationship.

Naturally, one of the most romantic places are the islands. Located in the Atlantic Ocean in the Bahamas are snow-white beaches with velvety sand, washed by crystal-blue oceanic waters and the composition is completed by colorful landscapes with evergreens. Your vacation will leave a lot of pleasant impressions. Embark on the ocean on a luxury yacht, enjoy the picturesque view, and with the onset of evening plunge into the chic island nightlife.

The Hawaiian Islands seem to have been formed by the Almighty for romantic lovers! The most famous site in Hawaii is considered to be the Waikiki Spa Resort, which makes an excellent offer with the amenities of entertainment on the beach and swimming in a heated pool. The resort’s restaurants will serve you the most appetizing dishes that awaken sex appeal, and, of course, classic French food.

Ancient Verona is the place where the most famous young lovers in society, Juliet and Romeo, lived. You will enjoy a walk by the handles, along the motionless paths of the metropolis, give the other half a romantic kiss under the balcony of the Capulet dwelling, promising a long cloudless love, sip a glass of a reddish tart drink and try the famous fish dishes in the district restaurants.

Ancient canals, bridges and buildings of another Italian metropolis – Venice, attract lovers from all over the planet. The success of the city lies precisely in the fact that it is on the water. Riding in famous gondolas and admiring the beautiful splendor of castles will give the maximum feeling of romance to your trip.

Paris brings unusual warmth and cute anxiety to the heart of any person. Even the most mundane, seemingly, things in a French town acquire a drop of romance, and well-known places such as the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Notre Dame Cathedral or the Royal Louvre are generally places created for lovers.

New York, United States of America – this metropolis has 2 edges of the coin: on the one hand — a large degree of urbanization and an insane pace of existence, and on the other – the special magic and charm of a large city. Since most of the generally popular films about passion were filmed directly in New York, then there is naturally a drop of romance. Brooklyn Pontoon, Carnegie Hall, Fifth Avenue and Central Square – see where the romance of the 21st century is hidden.

The Taj Mahal in India is a magnificent castle made of snow-white marble, which is the most colossal manifestation of passion and loyalty in society. It was created in honor of the wife of King Shah Jahan – Mumtaz, who died pregnant with the fourteenth child. The sovereign, who does not find peace of mind for himself and his soul, promised to imprint the beauty of Mumtaz and their love in his mind. Without exception, he invested all his own feelings in an excellent architectural creation built directly over his wife’s grave.

Romantic trips to Austria are very common, as this state is generous with its own natural beauties. Riding in a boat on the Austrian lakes, you can enjoy amazing views and sights. Of course, the decoration of Austria is its capital Vienna. Enjoy the municipal views from the Kahlenberg Mountain, ride in a carriage and be sure to sip a cup of Viennese coffee. Romance is guaranteed to you.

Charles pontoon is called the pearl of the Czech Republic. Its beautiful fantastic shapes create an atmosphere of magic. The Charles Bridge is associated with the legend of the monk Jan Nepomuk, who categorically refused to provide the king with the confessions of the queen, during which the beloved mentioned her own lover. For this, the monk was thrown off the bridge into the Vltava River. In the place where his flesh slipped under the water, a radiance of five stars appeared.

Someone will suspend their own choice on sandy beaches, and someone in this case will try to climb the mountain with their half, or visit the old town. After all, it’s not important, the main thing is to spend a vacation with your loved one. Travel with pleasure, adore and be adored!