Preikestolen means “the pulpit of the preacher” in Norwegian. This is a huge cliff outspread above Luce-fiord and 604 m high. The top of it is a small square 25×25. When you’re looking at all this disarming view afar, feels like nature worked with the skill of a jeweler while it was making that beauty.

But the icing on the cake is far, far above. Bird’s eye you can admire nature see sights, breathtaking greenery of the forests, emerald radiance of the lakes, silent dignity of the mountains…

Attention! Just in 2006, for 4 months it’s been counted more than 90 000 visitors got the top of the cliff. They challenged the fate and they won. Six km were definitely worth it.

The history of hiking the legendary Pulpit Rock

The touristic path to the mountain lies between a great percentage of mountain landscapes replacing one another. The hiking starts from the car stop and Norwegian Mountain Touring Association which is near it.

You get off the car, you take a breath of fresh mountain air, take a look around and now you get it: “you have just got into a fairy tale”! And you want it to never ever come to an end.

The road is quiet difficult, but not so long (for about 2 hours). The touristic trail starts in the height of 300 m over «Preikestolhytta Youth Hostel». There you will have to slowly but surely “crawl” to the height of 604. The distance the traveler must overcome is 3.8 km.

“That’s nothing” you might think.

But it isn’t. Due to bumpy landscape the hiking gets harder. The touristic path is always waving: it is either going down or up on the passes.

It is worth it. While hiking you will be able to estimate the nature beauty of the place and enjoy various views (from green woods at the foot to rare moss of ga on the top).

Pulpit Rock or Preikestolen
Pulpit Rock or Preikestolen