Exotic remote countries are very popular among our compatriots today, holidays in which bring unforgettable impressions. Many, tired of holidays in Turkey and Egypt, turn their attention to distant countries. One of these exotic tourist destinations is Australia.

A vacation in Australia is an opportunity to see with your own eyes the pristine and unique nature of the Green Continent, as well as relax on the delightful beaches of local resorts.

Getting to know Australia is best to start with Sydney and Melbourne. The spirit of patriarchal England is still preserved in these cities. Among other things, Sydney is called one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, so excursions to this city are mandatory for every tourist coming to rest in this country.

We can also recommend you to visit local national parks. During such an excursion, you can get acquainted with the local flora and fauna. If finances and time allow, we recommend that you go to the center of the country, during such a trip you will be able to visit Aboriginal reservations and see the life of the earth as it was many millions of years ago.

Of the beach resorts, it is necessary to note the beaches of the Great Barrier Reef. This resort has been chosen by locals who prefer to relax not abroad, but on the Reef. Also popular resorts include Fraser Island, the Gold Coast and Lizard Island. Australian resorts are distinguished by the highest level of service, holidays at these resorts will give you an unforgettable experience.